This Might Be The Craziest Drought Hack We’ve Seen Yet

If there’s one thing Californians really need right now, it’s water (and a whole lot of it). With the state’s lack of rain, it comes as no surprise that CA lawns — once lush and vibrant — have transformed into dry, brittle, and brown-hued patches. Those who can’t stand the sight are turning to a surprising hack: lawn painting. Yep, companies throughout California (such as Green Canary and Lawn Paint Pros) are building businesses around spraying lawns bright green. Fresno-based Mirage Lawn Painting even has a plant-based, 100% organic line to return dead grass to its lively, pre-drought shade. Similar to hair dye, the paint job lasts approximately two to three months before it grows out and needs a root touch-up. Check out a video of the process above. "We make people happy," says Mirage Lawn Painting owner Josh Cox in an interview with AJ+, "because people love their homes, and we make them look better." That's all well and good, but it's certainly a band-aid "solution" to a much larger — and more ominous — problem than mere brown grass. It's also not the only bizarre measure people are taking in the face of drought; this inflatable shower curtain might be a close runner-up, and at least it nudges you to conserve water.

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