Shh…By Terry’ s Founder Shares Her Insider Beauty Secrets

Chic ladies in the know all flock to makeup artist Terry de Gunzburg's luxe line of skin and makeup essentials, By Terry. Her iconic Baume De Rose lip treatment has a cult following among fashion insiders and red carpet fixtures alike, making her a legend among the the bold-faced names of the world. Here, she shares her beauty secrets, how she got her start in the industry, and the makeup tips she thinks every girl needs to live by.

How did you get started in the beauty business?
"When I was in my 20s, I signed up for an aesthetics course with the renowned Carita sisters in Paris. I was asked to attend a Vogue couture cover shoot, because no one else at Carita was available. I was very flattered…but terrified as well! I was not sure what to do, so I thought a simple but very graphic look would be a good option. I created perfect skin, brows, very colored lips and long eyelashes – a very simple and 'nude' look compared to the dramatic makeup of the day. It was a success!"


What's your beauty philosophy?
"Less is more, which means perfect skin, plumped lips, and sparkling eyes. Define your own style by playing with trends and adapting them to everyday life."

What are some of your beauty secrets?
"Think pink! Rosy light is a miracle on every skin tone; it adds a touch of freshness instantly! Personally, I am addicted to roses, which I use in many products, but also to the color pink, wether it's ultra-vibrant or baby sheer. I have always used it as a lift and radiance-correcting secret. I always apply serums and creams with a brush to stimulate blood circulation and intensify active ingredient penetration. It's also a great way to save product — everything goes on and into your skin, not on your fingers! Choose a bright lipstick: bold red, vivid pink, pop crimson. Color will enlighten your day and your features!"

Do you have any makeup tips that you think every girl should know?
"To me, a very current mistake made in makeup is to darken or lighten the complexion. The best foundation or complexion makeup is the one which is closest to your own skin tone. Just add a few touch-ups here and there to correct and achieve a radiant glow."


What are your favorite products in your line?
"It’s impossible for me to choose! If I had to name at least one I guess it would be Baume de Rose. Originally, I had created this product for myself — it's the ideal pampering, SOS lip treatment. It has essential rose wax, ultra-repairing plant balm, Siberian flower oil to resist extreme cold, plumping bio-ceramides, moisturizing shea butter, and vitamins.


Any great beauty tips for looking chic in nasty winter weather?
"A translucent, flawless complexion; sexy red lipstick, and full lashes in dark blue!"

Are there any spring makeup trends you're looking forward to?
"Spring 2012 is coming up softly, with rainbow pastel colors and iridescent sensual shades. Ultra-desirable 'romantic femininity,' and feminine shades with playful transparency.
For instance new Gloss Terrybly Shine, shimmers and heals…Diamond Dream, Honeymoon Kiss ou Pink Lover… ultra feminine shades with playful transparency.

What's the best piece of beauty advice you've ever been given?
"Always use a cleanser, hydrator, and sun protection on a daily basis. Also, red lips and a big smile are the best way to fight dull skin!"

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