What’s The Number-One Item To Give Women Buyer’s Remorse?

No, it's not that hiking boot-sandal hybrid you've only worn once, or that necklace with the neon spikes you bought last year that still has its price tag… The number-one item women most regret buying are leather pants. Sparkling cider label Lambrini asked 2,000 women to reveal their shopping regrets, and 46% responded with leather pants, mainly because they were afraid the pants made them look tacky and that they were trying too hard.
We get it — leather pants are some of the most unforgiving items of clothing, quite pricey, and one of the few is-this-casual-or-is-this-dressy items of clothing. To pull them off requires pretty strong style instincts (not to mention a drink or two), but when done right, they can look phenomenal.
Said Lambrini brand manager Lorna Tweed, "Trying to copy celebrity style is often the reason for our style dilemmas and the rationale behind our dodgy purchases. Although celebs may look good in leather trousers, realistically most of us don't and should steer well away from the trend."
Also on the regret list? Velour and shell tracksuits, fluorescent outfits, sheer tops, crop tops, clogs, and ponchos. Sounds like the back of our closets… (FashionEtc)

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