Would You Wear Your Relationship Status On Your Wrist?

When the sun's out, the bathing suits are on, and the cocktails are flowing, that grey-area relationship status of yours might become more black and white. But would you really wear it on your sleeve? New bracelet line, Buump hedges their bets that you do, and is selling a rainbow of colors (and romantic situations) for $9.99 (for a pack of 10) and $18.99 (for a pack of 20). Sure, the dating scene in NYC is grim at best, so it makes sense that these might actually take off, but, on the other hand (or erm wrist), their basically the "fashion" equivalent of asking A/S/L. There's a pink "looking for: romance," a light blue, "looking for: whatever I can get," and a red "Status: Married." But should you really need a bracelet to tell the world you've tied the knot? Call us antiquated but we'd much rather wear our hearts on our sleeve than our relationship status on our wrists. But what say you? Have a new Memorial Day Weekend love you'd want the whole world to know about? Tell us in the comments below.

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