29 Words We Never Want To See In An Email EVER Again

Photo: Illustrated by Ivy Liu.
We’ve all been there: Your boss has latched onto a piece of office jargon and insists on saying it approximately 173 times per meeting. If fact, if you hear the phrase “game changer” one more time, you are going to “ideate” some ways to find a new job. It is emails like this that make us want to quit on the spot:
“Just circling back to continue our ideation. I’ve had a chance to marinate after our last deep dive, and I still haven’t figured out how to move the needle on this one. Do you have the bandwidth to crowdsource some more consumer data for the marketing deck? Just ping me when you’ve tapped into something that feels both disruptive and innovative. I know this is in your wheelhouse — we’re really looking to empower the next generation of game changers here. We can talk next steps when we hop on the phone today. I just need this before EOD because I’m OOO next week. You’re a rock star, bro!”
If the above made you want to crawl into a computer-less cave and live the rest of your existence in a prehistoric loin cloth, that makes two of us. But one has to imagine that there are millions of people across the globe who feel the same way. Just think, if we banded together, perhaps we could create an anti-jargon revolution! In the meantime, we’ll have to settle for this roundup of 29 work phrases we hate.

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