8 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes For Brunettes

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
Remember the “A Girl’s Halloween” SNL sketch, in which Aidy Bryant and friends spend hours getting all dolled up in their cute-ass costumes only to show the horrific wear and tear on said looks as the night progresses? Hey, it happens. One way to help dodge the costume-gone-askew curse: Skip the wig — which somehow always ends up kattywompus or in the back of a cab — and pick a costume that makes smart use of your real hair.
We’ve already made a case for costumes inspired by celebrity blondes, but this year, it’s the brunettes who have their choice of timely pop culture ensembles. That’s because some of the year’s biggest movies, from Crazy Rich Asians to A Star is Born, are lead by brunettes. Ditto for the TV characters we’d most like to emulate (hello, Bonnie from Big Little Lies). Find the heroine who speaks most to you, inspired by a collection of badass brunette celebs, ahead.