How To Keep Your Brows Perfect

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You've heard it before — your eyes are the windows to your soul, and your eyebrows are the window treatments. That might be true, but having a great set of brows goes beyond that. Nothing, not even your favorite red lipstick, says "I've got my life together" quite like a set of full, thick, symmetrical brows — and there is no balancing act quite like the one of keeping your brows looking salon perfect.
Much to the chagrin of our go-to brow gurus, we've all tried to DIY our brows between appointments and gotten a little too tweezer-happy. It's a double-edged sword: You don't want to screw up your pro-shaping job, but you need to handle those strays now, not in two weeks at your next appointment.
We feel your pain, so we've put together a few tips to keep them looking perfectly polished between appointments without messing them up for your brow gal (or guy).
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Photographed by Sarah Balch.
Take A Post-Brow Appointment Selfie
We'll use any excuse to take a selfie, and sporting newly cleaned-up brows is one of them. Eugenia Weston, celebrity brow expert and founder of Senna Cosmetics, recommends taking a selfie after every brow appointment to give you a visual of what your brow should look like (or, in the worst case scenario, so you can remember what you didn't like about that particular shaping). Refer to these photos when you're getting ready to do a brow cleanup at home or when you're visiting a new brow specialist.
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Dress Up Your Brows
Never tweeze a naked brow. That is: If you fill in your brows every day, do so as you normally would before you start plucking. Even if you're not one to enhance your brows, follow this step so you have a bolder outline that you can follow. This allows you to better clean up strays instead of accidentally plucking a hair that wasn't supposed to be plucked!
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Step Away From The Mirror
The brow area is a few inches wide at most, and it's natural to want to magnify such a small area. But, getting too close to the mirror skews your perspective and can turn an innocent clean-up into a nitpicky hair massacre. Take a few steps away from the mirror. Dressing up your brows, as suggested above, makes them more visible from further away, so you can really see how you're enhancing your natural shape. Step up close again only when you're ready to pluck that hair.
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One At A Time
It’s tempting to want to pluck several hairs at once — it seems faster and less pain-inducing. However, you run the risk of traumatizing the skin this way and worst, giving yourself a bald spot. Remove one hair at time, pulling the skin taut as you do so to lessen any pain and to make removal easier. If brow-removal pain is a serious issue for you, Weston recommends applying a fragrance-free cream, or even your eye cream, to the area before tweezing. “Letting it sit on the skin for a few minutes before tweezing softens the skin and loosens up the hair follicles,” therefore minimizing the pain.
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Know When To Stop
In a perfect world, you’d only clean up strays that are well outside your brow line. The world isn’t perfect, but your brows can be — don’t get so involved or obsessed with getting the perfect shape that you get lost in it and end up completely destroying your shape. Believe us, there’s no bigger beauty headache than growing out crooked, overly thin brows. It’s better to keep a few strays here and there that you’re uncertain about than to tweeze too many!
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