How This Couple Makes Their Tiny Studio Feel So Much Bigger

Photo: Courtesy of Apartment Therapy.
Margaret and Tim's Brooklyn loft is a dream of an apartment: Although it's only 650 square feet, its high ceilings and ample light make it seem much bigger. Their building, which in a past life was a pencil factory, has plenty of interesting details: exposed brick, concrete floors, richly textured wood ceilings. Margaret and Tim have layered in lots of rugs, patterns, and interesting pieces, for a look that's warm, stylish, and welcoming.

The apartment is technically a studio, but the alcove next to the front door, separated from the rest of the apartment by an Ikea bookcase that also provides book and record storage, stands in nicely as a bedroom. The rest of the apartment is really just one room, a lofty and multi-functional space that serves as living room, dining room, kitchen, and music room all in one. Click through to take a look around.

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