The Beauty-Junkie Pop Star We're Kind Of Obsessed With

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Brooke Candy is not your typical pop star, in case you were wondering. I first met her about four years ago through mutual friends in Los Angeles, and we’ve been close ever since. You see, Brooke has the kind of taste a nail artist like me dreams of: over-the-top, eccentric, and opulent — which is a fitting word, considering one of her singles is called "Opulence."
Brooke is known for her bold lyrics (one of her songs is called “I Wanna Fuck Right Now") and her outfits, which somehow marry provocative and avant-garde (she’s pals with legendary fashion photographer Steven Klein and wildly popular stylist Nicola Formichetti). She’s also graced the cover of Paper and appeared in the pages of V, making her something of a fashion darling.
But, most importantly, she’s a friend. And, aside from her larger-than-life stage persona, I bet she’s the kind of lady you’d want to be friends with, too. Check out what she had to say about her beauty routine, upcoming plans with MAC, and tattoos.
What are your morning and nighttime routines?
"If my hair is finger-waved, braided, or done in any way, I sleep on silk pillowcases. Or, if I'm traveling and don't have the option, I just tie my hair up. I always take my makeup off: Even if I've had one too many cocktails and can barely stand, I'll still find a way to drag myself to the bathroom and clean my face.
"I begin my funky skin routine by removing my eye makeup with old-fashioned Pond's Cold Cream. Then, I use the Clarisonic brush with H2V Exfoliating Cleanser to wash my face. Immediately after, I apply a mask. If I'm having a bad skin day, I'll put on an H2V anti-blemish clay mask, but I don't apply it to my undereyes. If not, I love Clinique’s Superdefense Moisturizer — I’ll sleep with it on.
"If I'm having a good day, I'll apply a green algae mask with space to apply Dr. Brandt Dark Circles Away Collagen Eye Serum, and I'll sleep with that overnight. In the morning, I wash the mask off with my Clarisonic and the same H2V cleanser, and then I'll spray my face and neck a few times with rosewater. If I choose to wear makeup that day, I'll put on a light moisturizer where I specifically need it."
How does beauty play a role in your performances?
"It plays the role of a challenge. I'm inspired by the idea of challenging the conventional beauty norms. I like to play with what is truly beautiful and what is grotesque."
If you had to get a tattoo with words on your forehead, what would you get?
"I already have two! [Not on my forehead.] They say, 'siempre viva,' which translates to 'eternal life,' and 'everything dies.'"
Were you always this way? Always like Brooke Candy?
"Oh my god, in the 10th grade I had a purple-and-black mullet that I cut myself, and I had this one babydoll anime sailor dress I wore all the time with knee socks. I had a couple of piercings. I've always been a little weirdo!"
What's your perfume of the moment?
"Gucci Guilty."
Where were you in your past life?
"I was living in Salem and was burned at the stake."
Interesting! And, what about the future? Any big plans?
"I'm doing two collections with MAC. One is going to coincide with the release of something big in 2015, and it will consist of three to four products; and a second collection will coincide with something big in 2016, and it will consist of 12 to 14 products. I'm so excited about this, because I'll be following in the footsteps of women like Rihanna, Debbie Harry, and Daphne Guinness."

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