How To Channel Your Inner Performer

If you're a self-proclaimed music junkie (as in, you practically sleep in headphones and have a record catalog that would put any collector to shame), you'll know that Houston isn't just the mecca for beyond-delish BBQ. Between speakeasy-like "secret" venues and a roster of buzzy young artists dropping hit after hit, the Lone Star State's biggest city is quickly cementing its influence in the underground scene.
So, inspired by the city’s newfound Golden Age of music, we partnered with Rimmel London to create four beauty looks that totally rock — from a star-studded cheek to a sunrise eye that’ll last all night. Sure, they might be more than a little extra, but think of them as the beauty equivalent to window shopping: They’re fun to look at and might even inspire you to create your own take on the lewk.

Loud Mouth

This amped-up look is sure to wow — whether you’ve just arrived at a sold-out gig at Mercy Night Club or plan to hit up the city's more underground scene. To create the lip look, first swipe on your favorite matte lipstick (we used Rimmel London Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colour in Fire Starter). Next, flaunt what your momma gave you by adorning your Cupid’s bow in gold shadow. Pro tip: To get a metallic effect, be sure to double up on liner. Start with a pencil formula to create the shape, and then give it one more pass with a damp angled eyeliner brush dipped in a pressed gold powder.

Star Quality

Having arguably more presence than some (if not most) performers themselves, this look will upstage even that uber-cool, tatted-up DJ at the show you hit up last Friday. To rock it, first create your smoky eye using a creamy black shadow. Next, stamp on your desired amount of stars using Rimmel London Ink Me Stamp Tattoos, making sure to apply enough pressure and holding it for a couple of seconds before moving on to the next star. Pro tip: For easy application, apply the stamps to an area that doesn’t move or crease — like your upper cheekbones or temples, for example.

Light Touch

This look is just as gilded as the shiny platinum records hanging on the walls of some of Houston’s most legendary record labels. Start by creating a solid base, and apply a liquid foundation featuring a natural finish. Next, apply a pressed gold highlighter on your highest points where sunlight would naturally hit your face: your cheekbones, Cupid’s bow, chin, and the bridge of your nose. Take your golden look to the next level by applying a golden shadow like Rimmel London’s Magnif’Eyes Mono Eyeshadow in Gold Record to your eyelids. Pro tip: Use a creamy liquid foundation — as opposed to a matte or powder formula — so that your highlighter has something to latch onto.

Rise & Shine

Inspired by those long nights when you were out 'til dawn at your favorite artist's show, this lewk blends warm shades of orange and gold from Rimmel London’s Magnif'eyes Eyeshadow Palette Colour Edition. To craft it, swipe the gold shade on your entire upper eyelids. Next, use a densely packed dome brush to pack on a pigmented orange hue above your creases — all the way up to your brows. Then, apply the same orange shadow to your lower lashlines, almost creating an upside-down cat-eye. Pro tip: If you’re having trouble creating a perfectly straight wing, use artist tape or a business card as your guide. Top off the look by lining your upper and lower lashlines with a jet-black liner and applying a few generous coats of mascara for good measure.