How To Cleanse Yourself Of An Ex’s Bad Energy

Photographed by Rockie Nolan.
It's only been a week since Valentine's Day, and we've already turned our attention to how relationships end. Call us morbid, but we're just trying to be prepared. Everyone deals with breakups in their own way, but the spiritual world has a few suggestions as to how we can make a clean transition from coupled to single life.
If you've never considered getting over a breakup to be a spiritual process, think again. Many forms of spirituality put an emphasis on the self and its well-being, which absolutely encompasses matters of the heart.
Regardless of how or why a breakup occurs, it's just about a given that it left some serious feelings in its wake. We're here to show you how you can resolve those feelings while still making a clean break from your past relationship. Now that's what we call winning a breakup.
Click through to discover five ways you can recover from a breakup from the inside out.

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