Your Guide To The Best Hair Braiding Salons In NYC

Photographed by Caroline Tompkins.
Protective styles are no longer just a summer thing. Braids are something we wear year-round because they're super easy to maintain (and not having to bother with your hair for two months is a blessing). But finding someone to braid you up can be a challenge. Not everyone can do cornrows or Senegalese twists so that they last and look good. Plus, you need someone who can keep your edges intact.
Luckily for New Yorkers, there are stellar salons and stylists that can transform your hair into various plaited looks, from classic box braids to trendier passion twists. Ahead, we rounded them up for you, so the next time you're planning elaborate cornrows for vacation or a brand-new protective style for 2019, consult this list of braiding pros.
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Hair By Susy

Cost: Box braids, $200 and up; crochet braids, $200 and up; cornrows, $250 and up; yarn braids, $190 and up; cornrows (without extensions), $20 and up

Susy, owner of Hair By Susy salon, has braided Beyoncé and Solange's hair — need we say more? The artist is responsible for some of the sisters' most popular braided looks (like Bey's sideswept cornrows and Solange's Met Gala halo) and can pull off just about any edgy braided style you can imagine. Beaded, multicolored, blunt bob — you name it — Susy can do it.

Hair By Susy, 1019 Hegeman Ave; 718.257.5879
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Magic Fingers Studio

Cost: Faux locs, $250 and up; box braids, $90 and up; feed-in braids, $60; lemonade braids, $120 and up

This Brooklyn-based spot isn't called "magic fingers" for nothing. Its owner, Stasha Harris, can braid in zigzags and halos to make your wildest hair dreams a reality. This spot specializes in stitch braids and geometric looks. So, if you want something none of your friends will have, ask for Stasha.

Magic Finger Studio, 153 Euclid Avenue; 718.483.9097
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Khamit Kinks

Cost: Natural hair sets, $85 and up; braided styles, $100 and up; loc styles, $30 and up

If you're in the market for braids on your natural hair (with no extensions), Khamit Kinks is a great place to start. The salon also offers various extension braiding services, upon request, that vary based on length and style.

Khamit Kinks, 400 Atlantic Avenue; 718.422.2600
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NappStar Loc Specialty Salon

Cost: Locs, $160 and up; braids, $40 and up; crochet loc extensions, $380 and up; natural hair styling, $45 and up

NappStar is known for its colorful, creative loc services, but don't sleep on them for braids. The salon offers braids (loose and cornrows) on natural hair and with extensions. One NappStar client tells Refinery29 that she went into the salon for box braids — a notoriously tedious task — and was done in two hours, which sounds like a miracle if you ask us.

NappStar Loc Specialty Salon, 822 Avenue of the America; 410.261.9536
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Yeluchi By Hair Unruled

Cost: Cornrows with no added hair, $50; braided crown, $65; simple cornrows (less than 10 braids), $80; cornrows (more than 10 braids), $175; lemonade braids, $200; Fulani braids, $200; box braids, $225 and up

Getting braids can take a long time (upwards of three hours in some cases). But what if you could skip the salon and get it all done at home? This app service brings the professional to you. You can tap a Yeluchi stylist for all your braided needs from simple crown braids to intricate buns — all from the comfort of your couch.
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Knotty NYC

Cost: Box braids, $200; Senegalese twists, $200; Marley twists, $200; two feed-in cornrows, $75; feed-in braids (less than eight), $100; feed-in braids (nine or more), $150; cornrows (no hair added), $70

Knotty NYC is another up-and-coming, at-home braiding service specializing in braiding Black hair. A Knotty stylist will come to your home and whip your hair into solo braids, cornrows, or Marley twists. You don't even have to leave home to purchase hair prior to your service — a Knotty stylist will bring all the essentials to you.
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Ancestral Strands

Cost: Box braids, $150; crochet braids, $140; Marley twists, $150; design cornrows with extensions, $150; two feed-in cornrows, $40; faux locs, $250

Booking with Ancestral Strands is a cultural experience. Owner Tamara Albertini creates intricate, beaded hair designs that link back to African traditions, in addition to more modern looks — all while keeping hair health top of mind. Albertini is working to open a new salon in 2019, but in the meantime, her braiders will come to you if you're in the NYC area. Make sure to ask for a sample of the herbal hair teas when you book.

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