9 Affordable Boxed Wines That Will Save Your Holidays

Photo: Ikon Images/REX Shutterstock
Boxed wines have two major pluses in their favor: Their packaging is more environmentally friendly than traditional bottles, and they can easily travel with you anywhere. The big negative? Historically, boxed wine hasn't exactly been known for its quality. It's high time we slipped out of the chains of wine snobbery, however, because there are a slew of new boxed wines that are anything but lame. In fact, they're pretty great — if you know what you're looking for.

Which is where Jessica Altieri, the author of Kiss My Glass: Jess Altieri's 'NO-BS' Wine Buying Guide, comes in. Ahead, she gives us some of the very best options on the market, making it so much easier for you to win holiday party season without breaking the bank.

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