Make Healthy Comfort Food Magic With These 3 Easy Bowl Recipes

Photo: Courtesy of Nina Olsson.
What's one easy way to make a healthy meal more comforting? No, not with magic — just eat it out of a bowl. While these serving vessels are NOT mythical, they are prime for spill-safe, horizontal noshing on your couch (or bed — no judgement). And more importantly, they can also hold any kind of meal — whether you're craving soup, grains, salad, or a killer combo of all three. Dressing up healthy recipes with creative sauces and toppings is a major comfort move for any tiresome winter meal.
If you're looking for inspiration on how to nail this dining sorcery, then we recommend taking a page (or three) out of recipe magic maker Nina Olsson's Bowls of Goodness. Olsson's cookbook turns familiar veggie-centric recipes into easily elevated and vibrant fare. So scroll ahead to turn into your own meal magician with three Insta-worthy recipes — from stacked burrito bowls to savory granola parfaits. No magic wand required, only a spork.

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