Time To Upgrade Your Push-Up

shp_bw_horiztonalPhotographed By Aliya Naumoff.
The basic push-up is one of the best exercises for sculpting and strengthening the triceps (the muscles that run along the backs of your arms). And, since the resistance comes from leveraging your own body weight, you can do the move anywhere, anytime — no dumbbells needed. Brownie points if you bust out 10 right now.
To up the muscle-building ante, try extending one arm in front of you when you're at the top of the push-up (which looks like a plank), suggests Jay Cardiello, fitness editor-at-large of Shape. Then, return your hand to the floor and lower into another push-up. Continue to alternate your arms with each rep, and see how many you can complete in 30 seconds. This variation challenges your balance and engages the muscles of your core, to keep your body stabilized.
The push-up isn't your only body-weight exercise that could use a makeover — click through for more simple ways to supercharge your routine. (Shape)

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