How To Know Your Summer Fling Is Doomed, According To A Body Language Expert

Photographed by Caroline Tompkins.
The summer fling is a very specific kind of relationship. Usually, it happens like this: The weather gets good and everyone starts spending more time outdoors. Everywhere you look there are couples being cute on the beach, at street festivals, at outdoor concerts and movies, and in the park eating ice cream cones. And with all that cutesy coupledom in the air, you want your very own lounge-on-the-beach buddy to lather your back in sunscreen. So you flirt your way into a casual and fun summer romance.
But summer is almost over, so what does that mean for your fling? Sometimes, summer romances turn long-term. But a lot of times they don't, either because one person has to go back to college or work or other responsibilities, or because the whole thing was always meant to be casual. So as the warm weather gets colder, you might start to notice your summer love pulling away.
Pay attention to the signs, because if your summer fling isn't into the relationship anymore, their body will subconsciously tell you so. "The brain doesn't lie," says Lillian Glass, PhD, a body language expert and communications consultant. "What goes on with your emotions dictates your physical activity, and your physical reactions." If someone's emotions switch from excitement over a spontaneous and fun romance to anxiety over trying to break that romance off, then you'll see it in their eyes, their hands, and even their feet.
Of course, body language isn't an exact science and it takes some practice to read it correctly, anyway. So before you ditch your summer date over that look you see in their eyes, talk to them about what's really going on. Because you can't know for sure that they want to break up unless you ask.
Ahead, Dr. Glass explains the body language signs that your summer fling is about to call it quits.

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