Who Shaves What & How? A 104-Person Survey

After years of publishing stories about body-hair positivity (and trends like glitter pits), we've discovered that, yes, people on the internet have a lot of opinions about what women do with their body hair. So we decided to go to the streets and ask: What are people's grooming habits down there, and everywhere else? We sent two trusty reporters out to Times Square to interview people on the street, asking them where they groom, how, and how often. We got answers from a sample of 104 people of various genders, sexualities, and ages. Here are our findings.
Two of the respondents identified as gender-queer; one chooses to shave armpits, legs, and the pubic region. The second respondent shaves the legs, and removed facial hair with a laser treatment. Of those who identified as female, the majority removes armpit, leg, and pubic hair. Meanwhile, 15% of the women surveyed remove arm hair.
Those who identified as male, however, had a different story.
While the number of those identifying as men who shave their faces was not surprising, many of those surveyed — all under 34 years old — regularly trim, shave, or even wax their pubic regions. Manscaping, it seems, is fairly common, at least among young men walking around Times Square.
Of course, methods vary. Most of the manscaping men shave or use electric trimmers around their private bits; women, in the meantime, mostly shave, but half of them wax, trim, or laser off their pubic hair. Their reasons? Well, not all of them explained, but below, six millennials spill why they remove — or don't remove — their body hair.

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