6 Tips For The Brave Black Friday Shopper

It's time to tackle the beast, and we're not talking about that 20-pound bird. Somewhere between digestion and the actual holiday weekend lies the craziest shopping day of the year — it's Black Friday, folks. If beating the crowds to score mega deals is your thing, we applaud you from our spot on the couch. But, as seasoned Black Friday veterans (a few of us are on-the-ground participants as well), we've wrangled up a few pointers on how to do it like a pro. Slip on some comfortable shoes and set the alarm clock early because we've got six simple ways to conquer Black Friday shopping. 
Strength In Numbers — Be sure to bring at least one buddy. Set your sights on the item you desire and send your wingman/wingwoman to wait in line. Less wait = less wasted time.
Be Prepared — Most people will advise you to make lists ahead of time, and we're telling you now, they're right! Know who you need to buy for, what you want to find, and how much you're willing to spend. Keep the list handy, along with water and snacks, in a crossbody bag — no awkward fumbling allowed!
Put Down The Bling — Jewelry is a major no-no as far as Black Friday purchases go, despite it being such a popular holiday gift. This is not the time when you're going to be finding the deepest discounts, so don't get tricked into buying overpriced baubles.
There's An App For That — Put your smartphone to work with a few apps (free, of course) that can help you succeed on Black Friday. There's the Black Friday Survival Guide for the Android that keeps you posted on the latest news and deals, as well as the Black Friday Deal Finder for the iPhone, where you can upload your shopping list and let your phone do the sale hunting for you.
It's Not The Be-All And End-All — Black Friday may not necessarily be the best day during the holiday season to score all the deals. If you can't find what you're really looking for, don't settle. Keep checking for further discounts during the first weeks of December.
Celebrate The Victory — If you've been up since 2 a.m., we suspect you may be a walking zombie by 4 p.m.. Have a bottle of wine and the rest of that pumpkin pie waiting for you when you return home. Even if you didn't check off as many names on your list as you intended to, you deserve a reward just for the effort. And remember, there's always Cyber Monday!
Speaking of which, check back in with R29 for a round up of the best Cyber Monday Deals, this Friday.

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