Black Friday Shoppers Want Bargains, Avoid Awkward Family Conversations

We've often wondered who exactly are the people who, quite literally, bust through the doors of Best Buy the morning after Thanksgiving, while we're still recovering from our turkey comas. (At least, we wonder that after the tryptophan wears off.) No doubt they're the thriftiest bargain hunters who want to score amazing gifts for their loved ones. But WWD presents a different point of view.
After the leftovers have been stored and your family has covered all the "safe" conversations (you know what they are...), as stated by Paco Underhill, founder of market research company Envirosell, Black Friday shopping seems like a smart next move. But the analysis doesn't end there.
As WWD reports, we can expect to see three kinds of Black Friday shoppers in local malls, department stores, and mega-electronic retailers: The youngest set (up to age 30) who view the day as a social event with a splurge at all their favorite stores and a post-shopping stop at The Cheesecake Factory; the 25-55-year-old set who's on a specific mission for scoring bargains whether it be a designer coat or a flat-screen TV; and finally, the family set who are budget-conscious and ready to land the best deals possible for their children, with their children (and strollers) in tow.
Hop over to WWD to see the complete breakdown of all the kinds of Black Friday shoppers, plus some more fascinating info that dissects the mystery of the early bird bargain hunters. Then, let us know if you think they left anyone out in the comments below, such as the set who won't leave bed until noon on Friday, or the ones who attempt to shop and then just head to the movies when they can't find a parking spot, or... (WWD)
Photo: Via WWD

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