Fit Lust: Game-Changing Workout Headphones

photo-1Courtesy Of Yurbuds.
My entire life is basically one massive fitness bender. I test out new classes, apparel, and gear like it's my job (actually, it is) — which is how this weekly column was born. People always ask me which workout stuff is really worth it, so here’s what I absolutely can’t exercise without.
This Week: Workout Headphones
My Pick: Yurbuds Inspire Duro
My top three fitness essentials: a supportive sports bra, cushiony sneakers, and durable workout headphones. That's because I can't exercise without music — it's as if my muscles don't know how to move without a beat. I'm also partial to exercising solo; I much prefer getting lost in my tunes than chatting with my friends (sorry guys, we can save the catch-up for happy hour). When I'm invited on group runs, I accept — with the up-front disclaimer that I'm going to be anti-social and zone out with a playlist.
I use music as motivation and as an emotional release. So, it makes sense that I value a great pair of headphones as much as I do high-performance sneakers. Still, I used to just grab whatever ear-bud cheapies I could find at the drugstore, and replace them every few months when they began to disintegrate. Also, since I hate the canalphone style (the ones that force you to shove a generic, ill-fitting silicone wedge into your ear), I always opted for the circular buds (the ones that constantly teeter between blasting tunes and leaping out of your ears).
Then, I tried a pair of headphones specifically made to withstand intense exercise: the Yurbud Inspire Duro ($49.99). Within the first few minutes of my workout, I noticed I wasn’t constantly reinserting the earbuds; they never fell out. Whether I was sprinting or lifting, these headphones stayed completely locked in place, since their flexible, silicone covering is made to match the shape of your ear canal. Talk about a workout game-changer.
Plus, the sound quality is great (granted, I'm not too picky in that department), and there isn't any annoying bouncing of cords that are too heavy or too thick. In fact, I really dig the Yurbuds' lightweight, woven-cloth cords. They weren't quite as tangle-resistant as claimed, but what could be when sloppily tossed into the black-hole of my gym bag? (I started using this ear bud case to prevent the issue entirely.)
Bottom line: These headphones are comfortable and durable; I’ve been using the same pair for two years now. I've tested other designs since making the switch, and while there are a few I've liked, I always revert to my Yurbuds after a few wears. Because, without endless earbud-reinsertions to worry about, I can focus on what really matters: my workout.

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