6 Tricky Dress Trends & The Underwear You Need To Pull Them Off

Really good underwear can totally make your outfit. Conversely, bad underwear — or rather, just regular underwear that can't seem to stay out of sight — can wreak havoc on a look, especially when you've got a complicated silhouette going on. Whether it's a deep-plunging neckline or an off-the-shoulder frock, you've got to get your underpinnings situation sorted before feeling comfortable stepping out the door. Fussing with sticking-out straps or falling-down sticky boobs is the quickest way to hate your outfit and feel uncomfortable all day long. So, we've rounded up the underwear styles you need to pull off fall's trickier dress trends.
The Off-The-Shoulder Savior
Don't think you can just wear your regular bra and tuck the straps in to rock an off-the-shoulder fall dress. What you really need is a trusty strapless bra that will stay put all day long. It's more secure than stick-on pasties, and you can show off that décolletage without any unsightly clear bra straps. And, when your bra stays put properly, so does your dress.
The Perfect Plunge
We love a good plunge, but finding a bra that works with one is a nightmare. Enter: this perfect plunge-ready bra by Fashion Forms, which offers just as much support as your regular bra, but has a deep-cut construction that will stay concealed. Because, having your bra unintentionally stick out where just your cleavage should be doing the talking is not a good look.
The One-Shoulder Solution
Yep — a one-shouldered bra exists, and it's not one you've jerry-rigged together with a convertible bra with removable straps. Where has this been all our lives? Again, there's no need to do a weird strap-tucking job anymore with this tricky silhouette, because this soft, comfortable, and supportive one-sided bra will save the day.
The Smoothing Shape-Maker
When you’re running to the bodega for almond milk, you just want to hide under the first oversized, thick-knit sweater you can find. What is it about sweater dresses that have the tendency to emphasize any lump or bump? Combat any awkward clinging with a Squeem shaper that gently smoothes things out. It’ll also enhance your existing curves, making the most of a straighter-fitting garment.

The Sheer-Ready Set
So, you bought a dress that's all-over sheer — now what? Try a high-waisted panty with a matching triangle bralette underneath. We've seen this granny-panty-under-sheer trend pop up on runways and on celebs, and it's time for you to give it a try. It's a sexy, fashion-forward look that still keeps the important parts concealed.
The Straight-Across Pinafore Pairing
For a pinafore with a straight-across neckline and wide-set straps, you need a bra that has the same thing going, as opposed to a bra or bralette with triangle-shaped cups that could lead to straps or the tops of the cups peaking out of the top of the dress. A soft-cup bandeau bra is a better, more comfortable option than a standalone strapless, but the straps still stay hidden.

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