29 TV Daughters We’d Happily Take To Work

The office looks different today — and it's not just because the delivery guy shaved off his soul patch. A random kid offered to make a coffee run. Some girl is spinning around in your desk chair. And you've found yourself schooling a preteen in pigtails on the finer points of HTML when it's obvious that she's been blogging for longer than you have.
That's just how Take Your Daughter To Work Day (which now includes sons, too) rolls. We wouldn't have it any other way, except for the part where you catch the COO's kid making off with your Seamless order. It'd also be great to include the daughters we know best: the fictional ones who aren't real at all, but might as well be, given our devotion to TV.
From Darlene to Diane, TV has given us plenty of young women whom we'd love to teach about leaning in and girlbossing while envisioning ourselves as the Sheryl Sandberg-style mentors they'll one day dedicate books and Oscar speeches to. Too much? Fine, but don't tell us you're not dying to have Sally Draper as an intern.
Not Paige Jennings, though. That snoop would probably rifle through our paperwork and narc on us for printing out our credit card bill at work.

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