Beat The Heat With These Beauty Editor-Approved Summer Essentials


1. Leilani Bishop Lilac Fragrance Oil
"Straight-up floral scents aren't usually my thing — I find them to be a bit too sickly sweet or grandma-y for my taste. This beautiful lilac fragrance by model-turned-perfumeur Leilani Bishop is the exception to the rule, though. For as long as I can remember, I've always been intoxicated by the scent of lilacs, and one sniff of this fragrance immediately brought me back to days spent chasing my cousins around the lilac bushes at my grandmother's house. It's one of the most divine fragrances and since it has an essential-oil base, it actually lasts, instead of dissipating five seconds after you apply it. Doesn't hurt that the vintage-inspired bottle is absolutely breathtaking, either."
$62, available at Leilani Bishop.


2. L'Oréal Colour Rich Caresse Luminous Lipcolor in Velvety Fuchsia
"Creamy texture, hydrating formula, lush color…this lippy has it all. Formulated with a special blend of polymers, the color goes on oh-so-smoothly and feels pillowy on your pout — no drying-out or flaking here. I'll pair this bold and beautiful hue with a bit of black liquid liner and a healthy dose of BB cream to create a truly effortless, melt-proof beauty look."

$9.99, available at

3. Butter London Mucky Pups Foot Wipes
"I read an article recently in New York Magazine where they had a guy walk around NYC in his flip-flops, and after the day was over, swabbed his feet to test for germs and bacteria. They found roughly a million micro-organisms per square inch of skin, meaning that after a day of being out and about in open-toed shoes, your feet are about as sanitary as a week-old slab of warm, raw hamburger meat. Ew. These re-hydrating wipes help get rid of the dirt and grime, so you can look at your feet again without being epically grossed out."

$15, available at Butter London.

4. Dermelect ME Peptide-Infused Nail Color Treatment in Head Turner
"This new lacquer line boasts itself as the world's first-ever anti-aging nail polish, thanks to an infusion of peptides. I don't know about those forever-young claims, but I do know that after wearing this hot orange color for a few days, my split-prone nails actually did look and feel a little more fortified."
$14, available at Dermelect.


5. Yves Saint Laurent Pure Chromatics Eyeshadow in Harmony No. 10
"I consider golden-green one of the sexiest, most flattering shadow shades a girl can wear. There's something so sensual about this normally earthy shade — it's almost primal. YSL made things easy with this palette, which features the sultry hue, plus three corresponding colors to help you take your eye look to the next level."
$52, available at Nordstrom.

6. Dr. Jart+ Water Fuse Water-Max Sleeping Mask
"Just reading this product's name had me all atwitter — I immediately needed to know what a sleeping mask was and what wonder it could unlock for my skin. The answer is that it's a really potent night cream that's packed with skin-healthy ingredients that work synergistically with your skin's natural healing functions as you sleep, creating a protective layer on your skin and helping to optimize repair and restoration. Translation: You wake up with fresher, healthier, more hydrated skin without having to spend extra time in the a.m. on a complicated morning skin-care ritual. I'm on board with any beauty product that lets me look good and hit that snooze button for an extra few rounds in the morning."

$48, available at Sephora.

Photos: Courtesy of Leilani Bishop, L'Oréal, Butter London, Dermelect, Yves Saint Laurent, Dr. Jart+


7. Dolce & Gabbana Sicilian Lace Glow Bronzing Powder
"I've always had a weakness for patterned products, and this stunner by Dolce & Gabbana is no exception. Featuring a Sicilian lace design overlay, this shimmery powder is almost too pretty to use. Thankfully, the delicate bronze glow it gives my skin is equally as beautiful, so I don't feel too bad about ruining it."

$57, available at Saks Fifth Avenue.


8. CV Skinlabs Rescue + Relief Spray
"Between being accident-prone, fair-skinned, and having blood that is apparently like crack for mosquitoes, it's rare for me to escape a summer day without some sort of new scratch, burn, or bite appearing on my body. I like this spray because it provides relief from all of those ouchies, getting rid of the stinging and itching that comes from skin irritation without leaving behind a sticky, goopy mess on my skin. Sorry Calamine."

$34, available at Beautyhabit.

9. Kiehl's Aromatic Blends Orange Flower & Lychee Skin-Softening Body Cleanser
"I might be the odd man out here, but sometimes I think fragrances can be a little overpowering when it's super-hot out. Cloying is the word that comes to mind. Kiehl's new body cleansers are delicately perfumed with scents inspired by exotic destination's around the world (I'm obsessed with the Southeast Asia-derived Orange Flower & Lychee). Pair it with the matching body lotion to subtly scent your skin without feeling like you're drowning in a cloud of fragrance when you step outside of the air-conditioning."

$24, available at Kiehl's.

10. Tatcha Deep Hydration Lifting Face Mask
"I love the concept of full-face masks, but most of those paper sheets feel like they were made for giants — the nose and eye holes are always too big and the damn things just will not stay on my face. I wind up getting more of the treatment on my clothes and my couch than I do on my skin. #Beautyfail. However, this awesome new red algae mask from Tatcha, a geisha-inspired beauty line I am absolutely devoted to, is made from coconut-derived biocellulose, so it has a gummy consistency that actually adheres to your face. Put it on, let it do its magic while you putter around your house, and when you remove it, your skin will be the very definition of radiance and clarity. True story."
$95, available at Tatcha.

11. Christophe Robin Brume Volume Naturel à l'eau de Rose
"I like my tousled waves with a touch of sexy volume, thankyouverymuch and this girly spray satisfies all my summer coiff desires. It features a veritable bouquet of rose-based ingredients — including rosehip seed oil, rose centifolia water, and rose gallica glycerin extract — to help hydrate, nourish, protect, soften, and delicately scent your strands as it plumps them up and adds some light texture. Leave it to the French to perfect sexy bedhead."

$39, available at Beautyhabit.

Photos: Courtesy of Dolce & Gabbana, CV Skinlabs, Kiehl's, Tatcha; MCV Photo; Via Beautyhabit

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