Pinterest Has The DIY Solution To Your Disorganized Super Bowl Snack Spread

Photographed by Jenna Gang.
For some people, a Super Bowl party is a chance to watch a big, important game (and some silly commercials) together. For others, it's a chance to show off their fancy new TV. For yet others, it's a chance to show off their excellent culinary, architectural, and construction skills. And hence: the snack stadium (or snackadium for those of you who don't have time for an extra "st" in your lives).
These massive structures are shaped like stadiums, but really, we like to think of them as temples to the greatness that is finger food. Never mind that it's less convenient to reach over raised walls to get to the foods that are in a lower center — in that reach, you are committing yourself to the beautiful act of snacking. Rejoice in whatever you accidentally get on your sleeves on the way in.
You may ask, why devote multiple days to building a snack stadium structure that will ultimately be drooled upon and destroyed by people whose eyes are glued to the screen while they double dip? Well, the process is the point, and attachment to results is futile. (But if you time things right, those initial oohs and aahs you'll get when people arrive are very satisfying.)
You've still got time to shop for supplies. While you're at it, invite a few more friends over. Once you look at the snack stadium instructions/recipes we've gathered from Pinterest here, you'll want to share yours with many admirers.

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