3 Cool Fall Hairstyles And Where To Get Them Done

It's the first day of September, and while the equinox might not hit 'til the 23rd, autumn just feels so real right now. Although there's no need for a SAD light quite yet, we're pretty bummed that this summer seemed to go by quicker than Kim Kardashian's engagement. So, we're pushing back on Mother Nature with the best way we know how—by looking fabulous, of course! Stop feeling sorry for your fading-tan self and take advantage of the best time of year to change up your look. We're not just talking about blazers, skinnies, and that new Céline bag: Oh no, nothing quite transforms like a high-impact hairstyle, and you know we've got those for you! We chatted up three of our favorite salons—The Drawing Room, Ion Studio, and Whittemore House—and snapped three girls who represent their game-changing fall 'dos. Plus, we got the shear-geniuses who did the coiff work to dish on why they're just perfect for fall. Weather revenge, anyone?
Check out three cool fall hairstyles and where to get them done!
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The Salon: Whittemore House Salon, 45 Grove Street (near Bleecker Street); 212-242-8880.
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The Girl: Brenna Dwyer, 24, dancer.
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Whittemore House's eclectic, baroque interior.
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The Cut: A layered bob.
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The Expert: Jamie Cook: "The cut is a revamped version of the classic bob with layers. It's perfect for transitioning into fall--it is stylish, tailored, and effortless."
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The Salon: ION Studio, 41 Wooster Street (between Broome and Grand streets); #1R; 212-343-9060.
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The Girl: Daniela Duff, 29, mother.
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A stylist's station at ION Studio.
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The Cut: A Mia Farrow/pixie inspiration.
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The Expert: Sarajane Lynch: "I love this because it is very suitable for Daniela, and shows off her face.
It is great for fall because you can dress it up with hats, and scarves, and high collars without creating a mess. "
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The Salon: The Drawing Room, 148 Spring Street (at Wooster Street); 212-226-2600.
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The Girl: Tammy Hsiung, 22, colorist.
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The sleek rinsing area at The Drawing Room.
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The Cut: Classic bob meets extreme modern. Inspired by the upcoming Fashion Week trends, Clyde takes a classic bob to the next level by creating a fashion-forward, asymmetric haircut.
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The Expert: Clyde Elezi: "It is different from the everyday hairstyle you see out on the streets of NYC. It’s a breath of fresh air. It’s unique. It’s fashion."
"Complimenting the fall trends of 2011, we want to see fresh, sophisticated yet edgy haircuts. New York is home to the eclectic styles of the world. Why not combine the past trends with the present, old with the new, to make a bold statement of individuality? Every fall we see a reoccurring look, the long grown-out haircut from the summer. The fall represents renewal and change. So, it’s time for us to change our hairstyles from the long, monotonous look to the fun, expressive look."
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