10 Unexpected Ingredients That Will Stop Salad Boredom In Its Tracks

In case you hadn't heard: It's salad season. We already have the top containers for conveniently packing our go-to, basic leafy green recipes — but what about some added wow-factor? Because we are going to need some majorly delicious options to keep us consistently crunching them as our healthy packed lunch go-to. The solution? Secret weapon ingredients that you can keep in your desk.
Saving packed produce from becoming sad, monotonous meals this winter is as easy as upping your secret ingredient game. From crunchy toppings to creamy dressing add-ins, a little sprinkle or drizzle of extra flavor from special jars and bags goes a long way. And we're not just talking about any average nuts, seeds, dried fruits, or standard vinaigrettes here — instead, we've rounded up ten of the most unusual and tastiest salad toppers money can buy. Scroll ahead for pickled surprises, crispy creations, and even an umami-flavored flake.
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Beet haters, get ready to literally eat your words — these pickled slices made with balsamic vinegar, brown sugar, ginger, and lemon are tangy-sweet salad stunners.

Preservation Co. Balsamic Beet Slices, $9, available at Preservation & Co.
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Dress up any sad salad with a drizzle of creamy tahini or use it to make a dressing.

Thrive Market Organic Sesame Tahini, $6.95, available at Thrive Market.
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Skip standard almonds as your salad topper and reach for a handful of these sweet hots roasted with butter, sugar, chipotle powder, and salt instead.

Paso Almonds Sweet Hots, $15, available at Paso Almonds.
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With 20 cloves of garlic, oil, vinegar, paprika, salt, and cayenne smashed into every jar, a little of this spread — whisked with a bit of water and drizzled on top of any salad — goes a long way.

Filfil No.6 Garlic Spread & Marinade, $13, available at Filfil Foods.
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Never heard of furikake? It's a Japanese rice topping made from a quality mix of sesame and seaweed — and tastes like umami magic sprinkled atop pretty much any food — salad included.

Urashima Furkake, $3.75, available at Yummy Bazaar.
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Crunchy salads aren't all created with nuts — try these truffle-roasted chickpeas for one that's wow-worthy.

Pulse Truffle Roasted Chickpeas, $13.98 (2-pack), available at Pulse Roasted Chickpeas.
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Serious sandwiches have pickles; serious salads have pickled asparagus.

Ep!c Pickles Asparagus, $9, available at Ep!c Pickles.
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Why eat your salad with raw cherry tomatoes when you can mix these red wine, basil, and garlic brine-pickled ones in?

Doux South Three Drunken Tomatoes, $35 (3-pack), available at Square Up.
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Spicy Sriracha and savory sesame flavors make for the ideal crispy salad topper.

Wangderm Sriracha Sticks, $3.95, available at Yummy Bazaar.
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We'll be mixing this smokey onion mustard with a bit of oil and balsamic for a vinaigrette that's serious savory perfection.

Terrapin Ridge Farms Smokey Onion Gourmet Mustard, $7, available at Terrapin Ridge Farms.
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