These 7 Alternative Pastas Taste Like The Real Deal

Pasta as a food form is sacred — something that should never be tampered with, because it's perfect just the way it is. So when presented with the idea of trying "alternative" forms of our OG favorite dinner dish, we were skeptical.
We'd heard horror stories of gluten-free pastas, either made from substitute grains or strange-sounding legumes. Many were fabled to be mushy and tasteless, many we'd never even heard of to begin with.
Surprisingly, we were wrong; The brands who have endeavored to tackle the alternative noodle niche have really carved out a place for themselves at the dinner table. From quinoa to chickpea, adzuki bean and even edamame, we've rounded up the gluten-free pasta options out there that actually taste and feel like the real deal. So if you ever want to switch up your spaghetti suppers, the following eight boxes are more than suitable savory stand-ins.

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