Try These Organic, Chemical-Free Tampons

Organic cotton tampons have been around for a while now. The trend makes sense: If people don't want to eat substances like pesticides, of course they don't want to put those types of toxins into their vaginas either.
But honestly, until recently, choosing an organic tampon often meant sacrificing something. They weren't as absorbent. Or they kind of unraveled inside you. Or the tampon applicator was flimsy and difficult to use.
Not anymore. The tampon creators have listened to your complaints and figured out how to make an organic menstrual product that's just as comfortable and convenient as conventional options. They only difference is a good one: They're typically made with 100% organic cotton, and without chemical dyes or fragrances, says Women's Health.
Side note: While some people have claimed that they have fewer cramps or shorter periods when using organic cotton tampons, there's little proof that the products deliver any specific health benefits. But they may have a positive impact on our environment. When conventional tampons are disposed, any chemicals in the fibers can be released into the environment, Felice Gersh, MD, explained in an interview with Popsugar. Not so with organic ones. Plus, many organic brands' applicators are plant-based.
After scouring online reviews, asking my friends about their experiences, and trying out tons myself, I've come up with seven tampons that deliver everything you want from a menstrual product — meaning, you basically forget you're wearing it. No leaking, no unraveling, no fumbling with a tricky applicator. Oh, and, of course, no pesticides or other icky substances either.

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