Best Of The Week: Our Top 10 Stories — Jul 08 2011

1. Newsprint Nails: The Easiest, Coolest Nail DIY!—Don't you all keep jugs of gin under you desks, too?
2. Mass Appeal: 10 Drugstore Beauty Buys That Rival The Spendies…—A quick trip to the drugstore should be all you need for a ship-shape beauty routine!
3. Get Skinny Fast With Super-Easy Tips From The City's Best Trainers!—Who new weights were more important than cardio?
4. Inside Vena Cava's Quirky Soho Studio—Uh, can anyone say dream job?
5. 4 New Ways To Show Your Stripes—Say bye-bye to boring nautical and try something new this summer!
6. Euro Awesome! Brave New Street Style From Paris & Milan—We might not be able to copy their accents, but we sure can take some style cues...
7. 24 Photos From Chicago's Hottest Trains—We play voyeurs and take the El around Chicago for some eye candy spotting.
8. Sizzling Summer Shoes For Under $100!—A cheap thrill you won't regret!
9. The Most Adorable Shop Dogs In San Francisco—We dare you not to squee while clicking through this slideshow.
10. How To Rock Floral Prints This SummerWithouth looking like a prairie woman.

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