Best Of The Week: Musical Muses, Golden Makeup, Couture Shorts, And More…

My Style, Francesca DiMattio—The Artist Gives Us A Peek At Her Offbeat-Chic Style—We will totally house-sit for you anytime, Francesca!
Six Musical Muses Whose High-Pitched Style We'll Sing Along To Any Day—We'll never be able to hit a note like any of these chic chanteuses, but we can at least try to cop their style.
4 Maxi Dresses and How to Wear Them Right Now—We firmly believe that anyone can wear a maxi dress, short or tall!
Makeup Trend: Gold Accents Bring Out the Glamazon—We're not making any promises, but this makeup could help you combat Seasonal Affective Disorder, aka SAD.
Our Valentine's Day Jewelry Gets Some Year-Round Love (And At Every Price Point!)—Ladies, there is no shame in dropping a hint, especially with these prices.
Couture Cuts Loose With A Fresh Wave Of Short-Pants!—We haven't seen such fancy shorts since the last time we watched Heathers.
8 Lace Dresses To Keep It Classy On Valentine's Day—Remember that lace is rather drafty, so make sure you wear a thick coat.
The 6 Most Outrageous Moments At Men's Fashion Week—Between the homeless chic and the faux black eyes, we're not sure what they were smoking over there.
Hair Wars: Did Tilda Swinton Swipe Kate Lanphear's Platinum Swoop?—We were thinking that "Hair Wars" would make a good regular feature, but we could probably do a weekly column just about people with this haircut.

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