Best of the Week: Best of Spring Campaigns, Lady Gaga Barbies, and We Act As Palmreaders

NYC Street Style Serves Up Some Super-Cool Inspiration&mdash:It's right about now when all you can see is grey skies and colder forcasts to come that pops of great winter street style can seem like saviors.
Lady Gaga Barbie! Artist Wows Us With His Doll-DIY Tribute&mdash:And we thought we had too much free time on our hands.
Hot New Jewelry Designers Reveal Their Sisterly Style Secrets&mdash:Can't we all just get along? (And over great style, great apartments, and great people—doesn't that make kumbayacity a whole lot easier?)
Six Fashion Books So You Can Give Your Computer A Rest (NSFW)&mdash:Our favorite is still the photobook/erotica that Karl Lagerfeld shot of Baptiste who, for Karl, represents the many incarnations of male Eros. Sexy!
Part II Of the Latest Spring '10 Campaigns (With Superlatives!)&mdash:Sigh. We wish extreme lounging were a real sport.
Trend Alert! Moschino Belts and Bags Take Over The Blogs&mdash:Bonus fun thing to do with those belts: Rearrange the letters to read "Moo Chins."
From Trends to Tomorrow's It Girls, We Pave the Way With Our 2010 Predictions&mdash:Note to self: If we ever stop blogging about fashion, perhaps fashion soothsayer is also a viable career option?
Stomp the Yard With Minimarket's Spring 2010 Accessories&mdash:We dare you to find a cuter, affordable accessories line for spring. No, go ahead. We'll wait.
Caution, Curves Ahead! Plus-Size Women Hit the Glossy Pages of V Magazine&mdash:From size sixes and up, this editorial is a refreshing change of pace from what we're used to seeing. Brava!

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