Six Fashion Books So You Can Give Your Computer A Rest (NSFW)

Trust us, the Internet is our friend, but when our eyes start crossing and we start speaking in HTML, it's time to close our RSS readers, shut down our laptops, and curl up with a big, fat book. Those highest up in our fashion stack? From an unauthorized biography of International Woman of Mystery, Miuccia Prada, to the cheekiest of Rankin's editorials (They're filled with butts, guys! Get it?), these are six new books that we're planning on littering our coffee table with.
Vita Prada
Written by journalist Gian Luigi Paracchini, Vita Prada is an unauthorized biography about Miucia Prada. What did the lady in question think about it? "I don't think I'm as big a bitch as you think, but I had fun reading it." That's good enough for us—though, since it only comes in Italian, can we get a translator to swing by?
Above, from left: Vita Prada , image via Opera Chic; Miuccia Prada, image via The Art Newspaper.
Olivier Theyskens: The Other Side of the Picture
We miss Olivier, but this new book by Taschen is helping easy our separation pants. The beast of a book is filled with photos at his career thus far and penned by Voguette, Sally Singer.
Olivier Theyskens: The Other Side of the Picture , $120, available at Assouline; Olivier Theyskens, image via Moda para Mujer.
Rankin's Cheeky
Celeb-snapper and champion of T&A, Rankin is a photographer whose photos never make you snooze. Though, you might want to cover up this erotic book before the parents visit.
Above, from left: Rankin's Cheeky , $49.14, available at Amazon; Rankin, image via the Guardian.
Karl Lagerfeld: The Beauty of Violence
Karl made himself a porny book and guess who the protagonist is! No, really, guess. His name starts with "Ba-" and ends with "-ptiste Giabiconi." Give up?
Above, from left: Karl Lagerfeld: The Beauty of Violence , $31.50, available at Amazon; Karl Lagerfled, image via Styephile.
Juergen Teller: Deste Fashion Collection
One of the most distinctive fashion photographers of our time, Juergen Teller curates a novel of the five tendencies he sees in contemporary fashion. Teller "celebrates the marriage of fashion and art as a commercial strategy, examines [...] the dilution of ready-to-wear and couture for the high street market, and concludes with a look at "the missing heroes of fashion."
Above, from left: Juergen Teller: Deste Fashion Collection , $16.50, available at Amazon; Juergen Teller, self portrait at the Lehmann Maupin Gallery, NY, image via NY Mag.
Vogue Covers: On Fashion's Front Page
Flip through nearly 100 years of Vogue covers, starting with the austere years in 1916 to the celeb-heavy issues from today.
Above, from left: Vogue Covers: On Fashion's Front Page , $16.47, available at Amazon.

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