9 Delicious Dishes From Far Off Places Most New Yorkers Will Never Visit

Photo: Courtesy of Caracas Arepas Bar.
If you love using your tastebuds to travel (metaphorically-speaking, of course), New York City's culinary landscape can offer you a trip around the globe — without actually having to leave its five boroughs.

This journey is all about experiencing the melting pot that is the Big Apple. Sure, New York may have some to-die-for bagels and pizza slices (which we could eat all day, every day, with absolutely no problem), but it also has access to cultural delicacies of countries we could only dream of visiting. And to make that dream a little more of a reality, we've compiled a can't-miss line-up for the daring — and the very hungry — that will take you from Central America, to Tibet, Switzerland, and them some, all in the span of your Saturday afternoon.

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