12 Stylish Fitness Brands You've Never Heard Of

We’ve said it before: The right outfit can make you feel invincible. And, that goes for what you sport while working up a sweat, too. Research around the concept of “enclothed cognition” suggests that what you wear can elicit mental changes that positively affect your activity. Therefore, dressing like you totally kick ass could, in fact, help you blast through a Barry’s Bootcamp class.
Besides helping you win the mental mind game, your fitness apparel also helps enhance performance by using the latest technical fabrics and features designed to maximize your comfort and effort. After all, activewear is the new streetwear — so investing in some cool pieces you can wear in and out of the gym is actually quite practical.
But where, exactly, can you find these duds? We know you don’t want to look like everyone else, which is why we went the niche route and found lesser-known fitness brands that combine innovative style and standout performance features. Okay, you're savvy, so you may have heard of a few of these brands before. Whether or not you're in the know, consider this your primer on each company's mission, aesthetic, and of course, our pick-of-the-moment product.
Now, blowing off a workout because you "have nothing to wear" is no longer a viable excuse.

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