The Natural Skin-Care Products Derms Swear By

It's a common story: You spend countless hours wandering the aisles of Whole Foods for the best healthy lunches, log an impressive amount of work-out time, and yet the products in your medicine cabinet don't get the same kind of careful consideration. In fact, you may be letting just about any formula behind its mirrored doors.
Despite the fact that we've reached new levels of awareness about our general health, our understanding of skin care may not be up to par. So, what's the deal?
“We were told for so long that stuff wasn’t absorbed through the skin. But now we know that’s not true," Erika Klemperer, MD, a dermatologist in Santa Barbara, CA told us. "The shift has come and we’re starting to see the impact of pollution, chemicals that touch our skin through skin care, and cleaning products, and, of course, the rising level of stress from all facets of our life — including electronics."
Add to that that organic ingredients can be difficult to quantify: Many brands claim to be organically derived, yet a quick scan of ingredient lists tells a completely different story. “It’s hard for the consumer — and even the dermatologist — to figure it out since rarely are the amounts of organic ingredients called out, or even which specific ingredients are organic,” explains Karyn Grossman, MD, board certified dermatologist in New York and Los Angeles.
However, the solution is a beautiful one. New organic brands are finding all-natural ingredients to treat pigmentation, aging skin, acne, and parched complexions; their products aren’t just as effective as the mainstream chemical alternatives — they’re better!
“Organic products are healthier, gentler, and in the long-term we’re going to see that they’re also way more beneficial,” adds Dr. Klemperer. Plus, the demand for organic beauty is continuing to rise, “The industry is figuring it will grow by over $13 [billion] to $15 billion by 2018,” adds Jeannette Graf, MD, dermatologist and Assistant Clinical Professor of Dermatology at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York.
Luckily, it gets even easier. Ahead, three top dermatologists help us navigate through four skin care issues ahead and suggest the products with natural and organic ingredients that will help you take ‘em down.

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