15 Instagram-Worthy Los Angeles Restaurants To Try ASAP

From decadent ice cream pies to custom donuts, Los Angeles has become a foodie's go-to destination for innovative new delicacies. And while New York — with its cronuts, slices, and unbeatable bagels — used to top the list as the nation's reigning culinary capital, L.A. caught up fast – with its own playfully West Coast spins on classic nibbles.
In celebration of all the delicious bites we've been sampling across SoCal, we're rounding up our 15 favorite Instagram-worthy snacks. Take a tour of the best treats, sweets, and snacks the City of Angels has to offer. Trust us, you (and your followers) aren't going to want to miss this one.
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Burnt Crumbs

If you've ever felt the particular agony of having to choose between your favorite sandwich and a heaping bowl of pasta, Burnt Crumbs has solved your chilling dilemma, thanks to its deliciously over-the-top Spaghetti Grilled Cheese. The sandwich delivers a generous helping of noodles decadently smashed between thick pieces of cheese and two slices of perfectly toasted sourdough. Did we mention it also arrives with a dollop of marinara dipping sauce? Press play to catch the entire crave-inducing sight. Spoiler: the shot of that cheese getting stretched is the most satisfying thing you'll see today.

Burnt Crumbs, 21058 Pacific Coast Highway; 714-374-0777
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New York pizza might have finally met its match in sunny Los Angeles. Naples-born head chef, Daniele Uditi, has given this Italian classic a decidedly West Coast makeover, including the "Messicana" pizza, which pulls inspiration from vibrant local Mexican cuisines. A playful take on everything from traditional margarita pies to more adventurous ones slathered with queso fresco, Pizzana might just deliver the best slice west of the Mississippi.

Pizzana, 11712 San Vicente Blvd; 310-481-7108
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B Sweet Dessert Bar

Renowned for its original take on classic treats, B Sweet honors the generations of home-cooks who shaped owner and chef Barb Batiste's first experiences with baking. Try the shop's rainbow-flecked bread pudding, which comes in a dazzling 50 flavors (and an array Insta-worthy shades). You're definitely not going to want to miss the sight of those brightly-hued icings getting slowly drizzled over boxes of cake.

B Sweet Dessert Bar, 2005 Sawtelle Blvd; 310-963-9769
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Verve Coffee

Verve is serving up great-tasting coffee — with a conscience. The company pays its farmers more so they have better living conditions, while customers get quality beans. What more could you want? And with shops all over Los Angeles (along with a Tokyo location as well), we're guessing you'll be swinging by for a brew and a pastry.

Verve Coffee, 8051 W. 3rd Street; 323-424-7008
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Sweet Cup

Los Angeles might be known for its world-famous tacos, but we'd never tried one with ice cream until we hit up Anaheim's favorite dessert spot, Sweet Cup. The ice cream tacos are made to order, and showcase adventurous flavors like "monster's ink," strawberry shortcake, and pumpkin spice. Hit play to see all of Sweet Cup's deceptively sweet little snacks. Is it Taco Tuesday yet?

Sweet Cup, 9930 Garden Grove Blvd; 714-300-4607
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Donut Friend

Imagining a world in which you could customize your donut on-the-spot seems too good to be true — but Highland Park's Donut Friend making the dream a reality. Featuring wild creations like the Srirachosin — a crazy combo of peanut butter, strawberry jam, coconut bacon, and Sriracha — we're betting a few of the deliciously subversive confections are only for the truly brave at heart. Press play to catch all the best (and occasionally boundary-breaking) treats.

Donut Friend, 5107 York Blvd; 213-995-6191
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Shrimp Daddy

It's no surprise that Downtown's Shrimp Daddy has been everywhere on our Insta feeds lately — the Hawaiian garlic butter shrimp nestled inside a pineapple bowl is just about as extra (and as tasty-looking) as it gets. Paired with a scoop of mac salad and a ball of rice, this picture-worthy creation brings a little tropical breeze even to the heart of the city.

Shrimp Daddy, 785 Bay Street; 323-825-8882
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Bumsan Organic Milk Bar

The leading dairy organic producer in Korea, Bumsan Organic Milk Bar, just made its U.S. debut in Los Angeles. And thanks to the jewel-bright swirls and delicately sprinkled cones, the shop has propelled to the top of every ice cream fan's list with their mixture of unexpected flavors like Taro Tea Swirl, True Milk, and Matcha. Don’t forget to snap a photo against the signature pink wall before your gorgeous treat starts to melt. We can hear the "likes" coming through already.

Bumsan Organic Milk Bar, 534 S Western Ave; 213-908-5192
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Pop's Bagels

The struggle to compete with the East Coast's bagel monopoly has, until now, represented a monumental hurdle. But Pop's Bagels is giving this New York classic a definitively Cali spin. Featuring a crisp, crunchy outside, its bagels have a softer, fluffier interior than their East Coast cousins and are made daily from scratch. While right now you can only grab one at Smorgasburg, watch out for the Pop's Bagels food truck, which should be speeding to a corner near you soon.

Pop's Bagels, 323-903-7481
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Ensaymada Project

A brioche bun topped with authentic queso de bola and sugar, ensaymadas are typically gifted during the holiday season. But thanks Canyon Country's Ensaymada Project, you can snap and sample this gorgeously Insta-ready treat all year round.

Ensaymada Project, 14281 Wrangell Lane, 844-272-8337
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Beetle House

Calling all Tim Burton fans: this one's about to make all your darkest dreams come true. Appropriately located in the heart of Hollywood, Beetle House serves up snacks inspired by your favorite morbidly playful Burton films, including the Edward Burger Hands, the James and the Giant Peach Salad, and many more snacks, all paying homage to the famed director's notoriously ghoulish aesthetic.

Beetle House, 6356 Hollywood Blvd; 929-291-0337
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Dominique Ansel Bakery

If you didn't have the heart to wait in that notoriously long "cronut" line on your last trip to NYC, you're in luck. Dominique Ansel has taken his world-renowned creation to the West Coast, where he's now serving his signature confections like the cookie shot and frozen S'mores. Head to the Grove to taste his latest invention, Ice Cream Avocado Toast, and go upstairs to dine in Ansel's new restaurant, 189.

Dominique Ansel Bakery, 189 The Grove Drive (at The Grove); 323-601-1167
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Magpies Softserve

The only thing better than fresh pie? Pies filled with homemade soft serve, of course. That's what's on order at Los Feliz's trendy dessert spot, Magpies, where traditional pies meet sumptuous ice cream pairings. Try the dutch apple or pumpkin for an innovative spin this on go-to treat.

Magpies Softserve, 2660 Griffith Park Blvd; 323-486-7094
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Famed for its vegan takes on classic sandwiches, Locali is fast-becoming Angelenos' favorite new lunch spot. Try the BLT — complete with tempeh bacon, romaine, tomato, and vegan mayo — or one of its signature breakfast burritos, filled with scrambled tofu and topped with (what else?) a California avocado. Pro tip: finish your meal off with Locali's kombucha floats, packed with coconut froyo.

Locali, 5825 Franklin Ave; 323-466-1360
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Cake Monkey

West Hollywood's Cake Monkey is tapping into some serious childhood nostalgia with its updated take on classic Ho Hos, Zingers, and Ding Dongs. And if you're looking for something a little more dignified, their "Little Meril's" (two oatmeal creme pie cookies filled with maple vanilla buttercream) were voted #1 in the city by Los Angeles Magazine. Press play to rekindle all those frosted, sugar-streaked memories.

Cake Monkey, 7807 Beverly Blvd; 323-932-1142

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