What To Wear While You Sip Fall’s Best Juices

If you think the throngs of juice bars blanketing San Francisco with their nutritious elixirs will be pumping the brakes anytime soon, get out of here! Since we're still as juice-obsessed as ever — you might recall our handy-dandy guide to all things cold-pressed — we rounded up our favorite fall flavors from four local companies to share with you.
Prepare to question everything you thought you knew about seasonal beverages. (Pumpkin spice latte, who?) To make things even better, we've paired each irresistible drink with an ensemble that complements it perfectly. And, that's no small feat when you're talking about a crazy combination of fruits and vegetables. Or, for that matter, a PB&J shake.
So, if you need an instant mood boost — or you're looking for outfit inspiration from a very surprising source — click through our slideshow and get your mitts on these mixtures, stat. Amazing things can happen when wellness and wardrobes collide!