S.F. Juice Map: Drink To Your Health At These 24 Tasty Spots

[UPDATE: This story was originally published on September 19.]
If you've been keeping your ear to the ground when it comes to local-food news, you'll know that juice has been trending of late. Long a staple in the diets of our heat-blessed SoCal neighbors, health-conscious San Franciscans now have more than 24 venues where they can drink to their well-being, thanks to a new group of organic juice and smoothie spots popping up all around town. Of course, it's not always apparent where all of these places are located when the urge to drink healthy strikes.
So, we're doing the legwork for you and bringing you this interactive map of the juiciest locales around S.F., from Mission staple Sidewalk Juice (oh, how we dream about that Nuts For Nutella creation) to the all-natural concoctions at chic Marina newbie Juice Shop (Pineapple Chia, our name's written all over you!). Want to explore what's hidden in your neck of the woods? Click on the points on our map and hit their 'hood for more info. Bottoms up!
Mission + Castro

Sidewalk Juice
The ultimate grab-and-go spot in the Mission, this venue (which boasts two locations) has over 100 choices when it comes to made-to-order juices, smoothies, kombucha, wheatgrass shots, and more! Bonus: Awesome people-watching.
Sidewalk Juice, 3287 21st Street (between Valencia and Lexington streets); 415-932-6221. And 3100 24th Street (at Folsom Street); 415-624-3803.

Corazon Juicebar
Just a block South of Sidewalk Juice is new-ish Mexican-style juice bar Corazon. Run by a mom-and-son team, the spot utilizes secret family recipes for its all-natural concoctions. For those that know just what they want, there's a "Mix Your Own Juice" option, too.
Corazon Juicebar, 3275 22nd Street (between Valencia and Bartlett streets); 415-735-4111.

Dolores Park Cafe
Located on the park-facing corner of Dolores and 18th, this high-traffic venue is a full-service cafe that also has an extensive smoothie menu, featuring health-boosters like shots of protein powder or bee pollen. Sister spot Duboce Park Cafe has identical offerings.
Dolores Park Cafe, 501 Dolores Street (at 18th Street); 415-621-2936. Duboce Park Cafe, 2 Sanchez Street (at Duboce Street); 415-621-1108.

Mr. Pollo
With a maximum capacity of 12 patrons, it may take some time to snag a seat at this tiny eatery (best known for its delicious $20 chef’s tasting menu), but the fresh, exotic juices are well worth the wait. Choose from flavors like Lulo (citrus), Mora (Colombian blackberry), Soursop, and Passion Fruit, all priced at $3.50 a pop.
Mr. Pollo, 2823 Mission Street (at 24th Street); 415-374-5546.


Roxy's Cafe
Located just paces away from the 24th Street BART station, this Mexican cafe is a solid spot to grab a smoothie (blended with low-fat yogurt or purely with fruit) and sandwich … or, if you're not feeling so healthy, a milkshake and Belgian waffle.
Roxy's Cafe, 2847 Mission Street (between 24th and 25th streets); 415-615-0760.

For folks with dietary restrictions (gluten-free, vegan, etc.) Herbivore should already be on your radar. With two locations in S.F. and one in Berkeley, this restaurant serves up a full menu, plus healthy fresh-squeezed fruit and veggie juices (everything from ginger-cayenne lemonade to a spinach, parsley, mint, kale, ginger, and lime drink), as well as smoothies.
Herbivore, 983 Valencia Street (between Liberty and 21st streets); 415-826-5657. And 531 Divisadero Street (between Fell and Hayes streets); 415-885-7133.

Don't expect any sugary drinks at this Castro "smoothie spa." This spot takes its customers' health very seriously, serving up juices and smoothies that cater to specific needs (there's the D-Stress, DetoX Harmony, Female Essence, and more). The super-helpful staff (which also does in-depth nutritional counseling) can steer you in the right direction. And if Karl The Fog has come out to play, take note of the hot smoothie choices (seriously).
Frapez, 4092 18th Street (between Castro and Hartford streets); 415-503-1323.

Financial District + Embarcadero

The Plant Cafe Organic
With drinks priced at upwards of $7 (the large size), it’s true that The Plant Cafe Organic can be a little pricey. But on the major plus-side, with flavorful fresh-squeezed organic juices, made-to-order smoothies with dairy and vegan options, and extras that run the gamut from bee pollen to hemp protein, beverages here are enough to satisfy even the most die-hard health fanatics.
The Plant Cafe Organic, 101 California Street (at Pine Street); 415-693-9730. And Pier 3, Suite 108, Embarcadero; 415-984-1973.


Jamba Juice
Yes, we realize it’s Jamba Juice. But with the mass-chain's new fresh-squeezed options, a solid lineup of “all-fruit” (read: sherbet- and frozen yogurt-free) smoothies, plus lots of super-convenient locations around S.F., JJ is still stellar for quenching those out-of-the-blue juice and smoothie cravings.
Jamba Juice, 22 Battery Street, Suite D (between Bush and Pine streets); 415-438-3321. Other locations here.

Cafe Venue
The tried-and-true flavors, fast service, and homey environment make Café Venue an easy hit for a quick juice or smoothie fix between downtown meetings. Think: veggie juices like apple, celery, and beet, and fruit smoothies like berry and banana with yogurt.
Café Venue, 218 Montgomery Street (between Bush and Pine streets); 415-989-1144.

Fuel Cafe at Equinox
Don't have an Equinox membership? Thankfully, it's not required to hit the gym's Fuel Cafe, which offers healthy wraps, energy balls, anti-oxidant bars, and, of course, made-to-order smoothies and protein shakes.

Fuel Cafe at Equinox, 301 Pine Street (at Sansome Street); 415-593-4000.

Blue Hawaii Açaí Café
At Blue Hawaii Açaí Café, expect a solid selection of fruit smoothies that can be made with your choice of organic soy, almond, coconut, rice, or hemp milk, plus a friendly and helpful staff that does right by the venue’s namesake state. Aside from traditional smoothies, we also suggest saying Aloha to an equally refreshing açaí bowl, an açaí-based sorbet with toppings like granola, bananas, and honey. Mmm…
Blue Hawaii Açaí Cafe, Two Embarcadero Center (between Clay and Sacramento streets); 415-248-0011.

SoMa + Civic Center

Prima Cafe
This small-but-mighty spot offers healthy ingredients, a clean space and a friendly staff – not to mention unexpectedly yummy combinations. We’re especially fond of the green kale and spinach concoctions. Who knew?
Prima Cafe, 215 Fremont Street (between Howard and Folsom streets); 415-222-9918.

While the ambiance and ingredients at Source are a little “far out," to say the least (outer-space décor, organic raw maca, and goji berries, anyone?), the flavors don’t disappoint. We’re fans of the dessert-like smoothies. And if you’re looking for something more healthy, there’s only one juice available but it’s chock-full of nutritious veggies.
Source, 11 Division Street (between Rhode Island and De Haro streets); 415-864-9000.

The Sports Club/LA
Take in the pretty views over Market Street and watch sports on the plasma screens over at Blu Café, nestled on the same floor as The Sports Club/LA in the lush Four Seasons Hotel. Grab a post-workout (or post-shopping) smoothie, along with other healthful treats and salads.
Blu Café at The Sports Club/LA, 747 Market Street (between 3rd and 4th streets); 415-633-3900.

Although its hours are tricky (service only pops up at Pause Wine Bar on Saturday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.) the juices here are worth the wackiness. The all-organic drinks are juiced in front of your eyes and use seasonal, locally grown produce (naturally).
Sow Pop-Up at Pause Wine Bar, 1666 Market Street (between Brady and Gough streets); 415-637-7343.


Juice Shop
Arguably the chicest juice stand on the list, this newish, woodsy spot (take a virtual tour here!) has a solid amount of green-juice variations, plus sweeter cold-pressed, unpasteurized varieties like Carrot Coconut, Lemon-aid, Apple-Lemon Ginger, Almond Milk, and, our fave, Pineapple Chia. Shots of Aloe and Blue-Green Algae are also there for the taking.
Juice Shop, 1994 Union Street (at Buchanan Street); 415-834-5161.

Beach Hut Café & Snack Bar
Bumming around at the beach? Here’s a great spot to grab a classic smoothie and a snack. There’s both indoor and outdoor seating, so you can relax on the patio when the weather’s warm or take a seat inside when it’s foggy. Bonus: Both locales have an awesome view of the Golden Gate Bridge.
Beach Hut Café & Snack Bar, 1199 East Beach (at Chrissy Field Center); 415-561-7761.

The Plant Cafe Organic
[Also mentioned in the FiDi slide]
With drinks priced at upwards of $7 (the large size), it’s true that The Plant Café Organic can be a little pricey. But on the major plus-side, with flavorful fresh-squeezed organic juices, made-to-order smoothies with dairy and vegan options, and extras that run the gamut from bee pollen to hemp protein, beverages here are enough to satisfy even the most die-hard health fanatics.
The Plant Cafe Organic, 3352 Steiner Street (at Chestnut Street); 415-931-2777.


Judahlicious may have a casual, beachside smoothie-shop feel, but make no mistake — it’s serious about its juices and smoothies. The shop caters to just about every dietary preference (dairy, vegan, raw), and in addition to the tasty fruit- and veggie-packed beverages, there are also plenty of health-nut-y favorites like wheatgrass, barley grass, and blue-green algae available as add-ons.
Judahlicious, 3906 Judah Street (at 44th Avenue); 415-665-8423.

Daily Health Food & Deli
With names like Coconut Carob, Peanut Butter Plus, and Super Green, and ingredients like kale and chlorophyll powder, the drinks at Daily Health Food & Deli are clearly every bit as vitamin-packed as you’d expect. And thankfully, they actually taste good, too.
Daily Health Food & Deli, 1235 9th Avenue (between Lincoln Way and Irving Street); 415-681-7675.

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