10 S.F. Spots For An Off The Wall #OOTD

Anyone who's been to S.F., hell, anyone who's seen a postcard of the city, knows that the perimeters are flanked with so many candy-colored buildings it puts Disneyland to shame. While we'd be here all day if we showed you every vivid backdrop possible, we cherry-picked some of the prettiest walls and murals that are prime real estate for that next #OOTD post, or any photo opp for that matter.
We trekked up to Bernal Hill, for a whimsical pink moment, and to a cutesy alley in Hayes Valley and everywhere in between. As part of our ongoing quest to capture the perfect S.F. selfie, we've tapped the city as our canvas and done the legwork for you. Now, all you need to do is throw on your favorite ensemble, snap away, and watch those little hearts trickle in.