7 Surprising Things People Are Funding Through Honeyfund

Illustrated by Louisa Cannell.
When it comes to offering congratulations in the form of a gift, you really can't go wrong with cold, hard cash. These days, people are favoring unforgettable experiences over material possessions, which might explain why honeymoon funds appear to be replacing traditional wedding registries. In fact, according to a report by Pinterest, searches for "honeymoon fund" on the platform increased by 200% over the last year.
Websites that allow newlyweds to itemize and request contributions for every aspect of their honeymoons have likewise seen a spike in popularity. But Sara Margulis, CEO of honeymoon registry site Honeyfund, has also noticed another trend: couples raising cash for things completely unrelated to romantic getaways.
"Registries are a very personal thing: They express the true wishes of a couple," Margulis said. "Everyone coming to their page is someone who loves them, so people are not afraid to go into detail about what they are really excited about." We asked Margulis to highlight a few of the more unusual things couples are asking for through their Honeyfund registries — from Disney allowances to housecleaning services.

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