The Best Happy Birthday Memes That Will Make Anyone’s Day

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It's 2019, which means e-cards, Facebook picture collages, and the ancient art of handmade (aka bought from Papyrus, we see you) birthday cards are things of the past. In a world where Instagram DMs are the new snail mail and Game of Thrones is officially over, we desperately need some extra laughs — especially on our birthdays. We've put together the perfect list of memes to send to everyone from your mom to your partner in crime celebrating the day of their birth.

The Classic

Nothing like a "you're old" joke to make your loved ones smile!

For The Grumpy Cat Lovers (RIP)

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#grumpycat #says #happybirthday #oldboy

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The perfect meme for your grumpiest friend.

For The Cat Lovers In Existential Crisis

Nothing soothes that fear of aging like a good cat meme — grumpy or otherwise!

The Thirst Trap

Who doesn't love a Ryan Gosling Hey Girl shirtless pic on their birthday? Nobody, that's who.

For Your Sibling-In-Law

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Happy Birthday Chan! #happybirthdaymeme

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Whether you love 'em or you hate 'em, you've gotta admit, they're doing God's work.

For The Party People

We've all got our going out ride-or-dies, and this one's for them (maybe also grab them a drink or fourteen).

For The 26-Year-Old

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Another year older

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Turning 26 is honestly a terrible time. Might as well make your loved one laugh (and maybe help them find some new, hopefully affordable health insurance)!

For Your Friend That's Out Of This World

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happy emergence day to ~100 of you

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Tiny trash!

For Your Only-On-Facebook Friends

We've all got those friends we've only met once IRL and then just exchange happy birthday greetings back and forth for years....

Much Bork So Birthday

For your loved one that sends you dog memes literally all day.

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