Here Are 30 Foods To Eat (&Avoid) For Better Sleep

Illustrated by Louisa Cannell.
If you've ever feel like what you have for dinner can make or break how well you sleep, you're not imagining it. Researchers have in fact devoted a serious amount of effort to documenting this phenomenon. And, more importantly, they've also spent plenty of time figuring out which foods (and components of those foods) either keep you up or help you snooze.
To be fair, it still isn't an exact science: What keeps you tossing and turning might have no effect on your partner. And what lulls your roommate into a peaceful slumber might leave you staring at the ceiling, anxiously counting sheep. The one thing we know that works for pretty much everyone? Don't try to sleep on a totally full or empty stomach. That's a recipe for discomfort and, possibly, nightmares.
However, if you're someone who tends to have a bit of extra trouble getting enough sleep, it won't hurt to try adding and subtracting a few of these foods from your nighttime meals. And you may just find your new favorite midnight snack. Ahead, all the foods that mess with your ZZZs, for better or worse.

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