In Defense Of The Most Hated Pants Shape

If we're going to get through this article together, you may as well know where I stand from the get-go. So, here it is: My favorite pant silhouette is the controversial cropped flare. Contrary to popular opinion, I'd go as far to say that they are some of the most flattering pants I have ever worn — and with some hard-argued reasoning, I think you could be convinced, too.
Let's start by laying out some facts: Before cropped flares, I rarely wore jeans. I am no waif and I am not sample-size. I have a body. With that said, a lot of jeans make me feel like I'd just rather not wear pants at all. Skinnies had my legs feeling like they were stuffed into a sausage casing and their skin-tight cut didn't do my ankles any favors, either. A great pair of baggy jeans, which I love, are hard to find if you have a booty; the loose fit doesn't always hang right. Regular flares highlight my hips and thighs — while that might be ideal for people trying to catcall me on the street, the silhouette really isn't ideal. Basically, I was left with nothing.
That is, until the cropped flare came back — more specifically, the high-waisted cropped flare. For one, a high waist seems to always look good. Secondly, the cropped-bell hem shows off your ankle, giving your body a reference point and making the jean not about more than just your butt and thighs (unlike a full-length flare). Lastly, the cropped hem means that they'll look just as good with sneakers as they will with flats, heels, or any other shoe.
Trust me, I get it, we all have our qualms with certain denim silhouettes (see above) and it's hard to try something you already "know" you don't like. But I am a picky denim consumer and I really believe in the power of the cropped flare. And if you say they're not for you, in my opinion, you just haven't found the right pair. I suggest trying on a few totally different pairs and finding the magic for yourself. Ahead, some options to consider.
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