17 Iconic TV Show Apartments That Give Us Interior Inspiration

This article was previously published on August 24, 2014.
Some apartments are unforgettable. The leather sofas, the velvet curtains, and the groovy artwork — they're so embedded in our brains, we could draw the floor plan. But, the odd thing is, they don't actually exist. They're iconic TV interiors that we know so well because we saw them every week. We subconsciously memorized the Ricardo's living room while eating after-school snickerdoodles and coveted Carrie Bradshaw's bedroom while curled up in a bunk during college finals week.
And even now, there's some current series' on cable that's giving us intense interior inspiration. From Don Draper's expansive mod loft to Sherlock's eerie and dark London flat, these are the rooms we would kill to live in. Just be warned: It'll make you want to re-watch them the rest of the weekend. And, be sure to tell us in the comments your favorites, too.
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Photo: Courtesy of AMC.
Mad Men
Is there a series that captured the '60s better? No. We wouldn't mind living in Don Draper's posh Manhattan high-rise apartment complete with the mod kitchenette stools.
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Photo: Courtesy of Showtime.
Masters Of Sex
It's no suprise that the bedrooms in this show would be alluring. The gold accents and French-inspired side table here are major turn-ons.
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Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
That Girl
Ann Marie is the quintessential messy, but elegant young woman trying to make it in the big city. And, her home mirrors it perfectly. Maybe there's too much gallery wall going on, but just let's call it eclectic.
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Photo: Courtesy of NBC.
The Cosby Show
Let's all take a moment and appreciate that wallpaper. A total class act in all the show's interiors. Bill's home always was cool, but totally cozy. We know we'd feel right at home in our ugly sweater.
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Photo: Courtesy of FOX.
New Girl
It feels like we've all been through so much in that living room. Obstacle-course drinking games, craft projects, and kitchen-control wars. Of all the "young professional" homes out there, this one seems the most down to earth — but still sleek.
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Photo: Courtesy of BBC.
So, maybe we wouldn't want to see what he has hidden in all those jars in the cabinets, but the bookcases? We'd take those. It takes cozy to a new level with plenty of comfy chairs and sedans for working out those gruesome murders.
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Photo: Courtesy of CBS.
Mary Tyler Moore Show
For a funky statement piece, just take a few pointers from miss Mary. Opt for a pea-green circular chair or a brown velvet couch. And, the tomes under the step is a small-space clever solution if we ever saw one.
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Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
House Of Cards
All the interiors in the drama are typical ho-hum fancy — except for Adam Galloway's NYC loft. It's minimalist, light-filled, and a great blend of natural wood mixed with white and industrial metal. This apartment has to exist somewhere, right?
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Photo: Courtesy of CBS.
I Love Lucy
While the sets on this show never had that much furniture, they were always classic. Except of course when Lucy decided to build a playground in the living room out of spite. Or when she created play stages to get into one of Ricky's nightclub acts.
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Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
Maybe you're skeptical about this one. But, just take another look at that fridge. That's some serious magnet curation. While the characters on this sitcom do seem to live beyond their means, that doesn't mean there isn't some fantastic interior moves. Charlie's bedroom bunk situation? Yes, we'd get into that.
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Photo: Courtesy of NBC.
Totally gaudy, but so eclectic. Maybe the living room is a lesson in how to decorate with purple — or maybe a lesson in how not to. You decide.
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Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
Sex & The City
Who wouldn't want this Upper East Side apartment? It's cozy, chic, and has an amazing closet. We feel like we've hung out here a lot, drinking wine.
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Photo: Globe Photos/ZUMAPRESS.
The Dick Van Dyke Show
If you're ready to take the leap and purchase a patterned sofa or arm chair, watch a few episodes of this feel-good comedy. Laura Petrie is the most charming, sophisticated decorator we've seen.
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Photo: Courtesy of CBS.
The Big Bang Theory
Just observe all the fun happening in this cozy living room. The guys' from the series hands down win the award for most lovable nerdy decor.
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Photo: Courtesy of FOX.
Remember when Rachel and Kurt moved into that crazy huge loft in Bushwick? Yeah the decor was totally unrealistic for two struggling college actors. But, whatever, they needed that light up star to make the magic dance numbers happen.
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Photo: Courtesy of The CW.
Gossip Girl
All the apartments were ridiculously posh in this show, from the Waldorf's marble staircase to the Van Der Woodsen art collection. But, Chuck's home bar and billards table in the den might just take home the award for "richer than thou."
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Photo: Courtesy of NBC.
Will & Grace
A coffee table with cut outs for Moroccan poufs? Just tell us if you know where we can get one.

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