Pinterest’s Top Egg Sandwiches For The Ultimate Lazy Weekend

Weekends during the winter go fuzzy sock in fuzzy sock with thoroughly lazy mornings. Mornings that are complete, of course, with sleeping in and homemade breakfasts in bed (or on the couch). Why worry about getting your ass up and at 'em when the outside world is dark, cold, and for these two days, you don't have shit to do? (Except maybe laundry.) So in honor of keeping the chilly Saturdays and Sundays ahead as low-key and satiating as possible, we've rounded up Pinterest's top pinned breakfast sandwich recipes. These toasty, crispy, cheesy, and creamy recipes will add an extra layer of comfort that your binge-watch session of The Crown is calling for.
Take this classic croissant-wich to golden levels with an egg over easy. 2. The Vegan Breakfast Sandwich
Meat-eaters do NOT have all the fun — this tofu breakfast sandy is delicious. 3. Make-Ahead Freezer Breakfast Sandwiches
Ultimate lazy weekend success — making your B.E.C.s ahead of time and freezing for fast access. 4. Bagel Egg In A Hole With Smashed Avocado
We've all seen the old egg-in-a-hole trick, but what about a bagel-egg-in-a-hole with mashed avocado spread?! 5. California-Style Fried Egg Sandwich
This sandwich screams fresh, cool, and carefree Cali-style breakfast vibes. 6. Guacamole Breakfast Sandwich
Feeling fancy? Try adding a little Mediterranean flair to your next BEC. 8. Fried Egg Grilled Cheese Sandwich
Grilled cheese for breakfast is as easy as adding a fried egg, fam! 9. Spinach Egg Breakfast Sandwich
Get your daily dose of greens by adding spinach to your crusty breakfast sandwich. 10. BLT Breakfast Sandwich
BLTs for breakfast are just a fried egg addition away.

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