The Drugstore Face Masks Our Editors Swear By

For all the little gems that come with winter — like the joy of wearing a cozy, oversized sweater while drinking spiked cider — there's also the arrival of cracked, irritated, and flaky skin. As any derm will tell you, it's important to switch up your skin-care routine as the weather turns cold and dry, giving your skin some TLC by adding hydrating serums and creamy moisturizers into your routine.
Sometimes, though, we don't have the cash flow to shell out big bucks for pricy serums, or the time to add another step to our already-lengthy morning or night routine. Luckily, there are treatment face masks, a quick fix for troubled skin; you don't have to use them every day and they don't have to come with deep breath hesitation before you add-to-cart.
Ahead, eight of our beauty editors share their favorite bargain face masks that reduce redness, calm irritation, and give skin a quick refresh when the holiday stress sets in... because it probably already has.

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