The Best Desserts In All Of L.A.

Photo: Courtesy of Bo Nuage.
We frequently go out of our way to hunt down the nearest cold-pressed juice spot. We'll drive to the ends of the earth to test out the latest burger to generate buzz. And, we'll even wake up extra-early on the weekend, just to make sure we get the good flowers at the farmers' market. But, when craving a sweet treat, we often settle for less than average.
We're guessing it has something to do with the overwhelming power of the sweet tooth. Think about it: How often does a sugar craving come into your head and almost instantaneously cause you pull into the nearest 76 store to buy yourself some Sour Patch Kids or stop at the overcrowded, not-so-good fro-yo spot on the corner?
But, like many things in life, a little planning can make all the difference. On that note, we've rounded up the absolute best desserts in Los Angeles. Print this out. Save it to your Evernote. Do whatever you need to in order to make sure you have this list handy the next time an unexpected, sugar-coated craving comes along.
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The Pop Pies At Cake Monkey Bakery
At Cake Monkey Bakery, everything feels like a throwback. In the dessert world, this means handmade versions of Hostess-inspired treats and, our personal favorite, the toaster pastry-inspired Pop Pies — in particular, the ones with a sweat and seasonal cherry filling.

Cake Monkey Bakery, 10844 Chandler Boulevard (at Satsuma Avenue); 818-508-9579.
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Pies At The Pie Hole
Have you ever had an Earl Grey pie? How about Maple Custard? Or Cereal Pie? The made-from-scratch masterpieces at The Pie Hole are anything but ordinary — and that's a very, very good thing.

The Pie Hole, 714 Traction Avenue (at South Hewitt Street); 213-537-0115.
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Doughnuts At Birdies
Birdies in downtown L.A. serves up more than just coffee and doughnuts — the hip sweets spot is famous for wildly inventive doughnut flavors (e.g. the $100 gold-glazed doughnut, pictured right) and savory-sweet sandwich mashups.

Birdies, 314 W. Olympic Boulevard (at Midway Place); 213-536-5720.
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Soft-Serve At Drips & Swirls
Drips and Swirls is a walk up counter service dessert joint dishing out an array of creative soft serve ice cream flavors — try a lick of anything from the "Charcoal Crispy Rice" dipped in toasted rice puffs to a "Korean Melon Bar".

Drips & Swirls, 3076 W. 8th Street (at S. Berendo Street); 213-568-3021.
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Ice Cream Sandwiches At Milk
Forget about doughnuts and cookies, the Milk shop in sunny L.A. dishes out the next best trend in summer ice cream sandys. Meet the macaron ice cream sandwich; Take your pick of flavors from mint chocolate chip to cereal milk dipped and dunked in crunchy fruity pebbles.

Milk, 7290 Beverly Boulevard (at N. Poinsettia Place); 323-939-6455.
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Soft-Serve At Bumsan Organic Milk Bar
Bumsan swirls out creative soft-serve ice cream cones that have been sourced from an organic Korean dairy producer — if that's not enough to peak your interest, check out a few of the stellar flavors: dragonfruit, lychee, and taro (pictured right).

Bumsan Organic Milk Bar, 534 S. Western Avenue (between W. 5th and W. 6th Street); 213-908-5192.
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Photo: Courtesy of Milk Jar Cookies.
Banana Split at Milk Jar Cookies
Milk Jar Cookies in L.A. has crafted the perfect purchasable "made by your mom" cookie. What makes this particular flavor so special? All the taste of a delectable banana split sundae without any of the melty mess.

Milk Jar Cookies, 5466 Wilshire Boulevard (between S. Dunsmuir Avenue and S. Cochran Avenue); 323-643-9800.
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Photo: Courtesy of Milk.
Macaron Ice Cream Sandwiches At Milk
Everyone talks about the signature Ooey Gooey Chocolate Chip cookies at this cute ice cream parlor and bakeshop — and it’s true, they are delicious — but it’s the macaron ice cream sandwiches we come back for time and again. We're slowly working our way through all of the flavors.

Milk, 7290 Beverly Boulevard (at Poinsettia); 323-939-6455.
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Photo: Courtesy of ICDC.
Chilled Coffee Float at ICDC
Yes, the doughnuts are delicious (especially the signature ICDC, a salted caramel doughnut topped with vanilla ice cream and finished with a shot of espresso poured over). But for our money, the chilled coffee float at this colorful hot spot is absolutely the way to go.

ICDC, 7454 1/2 Beverly Boulevard (at Vista); 323-746-3346.
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Photo: Courtesy of Carmela.
Sorbet At Carmela Ice Cream
Ditch that half-eaten carton of ice cream that's been in your freezer for years and head to Carmela, instead. Though it's hard to go wrong at this unreal, handmade ice cream and sorbet shop, we think the Raspberry Rose Sorbet is possibly the most refreshing thing we've ever tasted.

Carmela Ice Cream, 7920 West 3rd Street (near South Fairfax Avenue); 323-944-0232.
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Photo: Courtesy of Petit Trois.
The Napolean At Petit Trois
This new restaurant boasts a seriously amazing menu, and the dessert selection is no exception — our mouths are watering just looking at The Napolean, the resto's house specialty.

Petit Trois, 718 North Highland Avenue (near Melrose Avenue); 323-468-8916.
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Photo: Courtesy of Cast &amp Plow.
The S'mores At Cast & Plow
If you're in the mood for some campfire nostalgia, look no further than Cast &amp Plow's chilled S'mores concoction. We hate to say this, but we think it's actually better than the real thing.

Cast & Plow, 4375 Admiralty Way (near Palawan Way); 310-574-4333.
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Photo: Courtesy of Copenhagen Pastry.
Pastries At Copenhagen Pastry
This Culver City spot serves up authentic Danish pastries that are as light and fluffy as they come. Trust us, you'll never settle for the Starbucks version ever again.

Copenhagen Pastry, 11113 West Washington Boulevard (at Washington Place); 310-839-8900.
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Photo: Courtesy of Bo Nuage.
The Classic Petit Nuage At Bo Nuage
Meet the nuage — the perfect little French pastry that gives the macaron a serious run for its money. These airy, cloud-like, tiny meringue cake treats aren't just pretty, they're very addicting — consider yourself warned.

Bo Nuage, 8010 Melrose Avenue (near North Laurel Avenue); 310-880-2065.
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Photo: Courtesy of Matt Sayles/Gusto.
The Coconut Gelato Pie At Gusto
The biggest mistake you could make at Gusto is to not save room for dessert. Chef Vic Casanova's famed Toasted Coconut Gelato Pie is a chilled slice of perfection, and quite possibly the best dish on the menu.

Gusto, 8432 West 3rd Street (near South Croft Avenue); 323-782-1778.
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Photo: Courtesy of Top Round.
Frozen Custard At Top Round Roast Beef
Top Round may be known for its roast beef sandwiches, but we make a beeline to the Miracle Mile resto for the frozen custard. Can you blame us?

Top Round Roast Beef, 1000 South La Brea Avenue (at West Olympic Boulevard); 323-549-9445.
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Photo: Courtesy of Forage.
The Peanut Butter Chocolate Tart At Forage
Have you ever wished for a massive Reese's Peanut Butter Cup? Well, it exists, and it's served at Forage. Trust, this one is next level.

Forage, 3823 Sunset Boulevard (near Lucile Avenue); 323-663-6885.
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Photo: Courtesy of Confexion Cupcakes.
Cupcakes At ConfeXion
Picking the right cupcake for this list wasn't easy (and we definitely had a few serious runners-up), but ConfeXion Cupcakes just can't be beat. Try them yourself, and then let's talk.

ConfeXion Cupcakes, 11 West Dayton Street (at Fair Oaks Avenue); 323-486-9977.
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Photo: Courtesy of Bottega Louie.
Macarons At Bottega Louie
Bottega Louie's macarons are so insanely stunning, that it's easy to assume that there's no way that they taste as good as they look. Correction: They do. Go ahead and taste the rainbow.

Bottega Louie, 700 South Grand Avenue (at West 7th Street); 213-802-1470.
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Photo: Courtesy of The Sycamore Kitchen.
Mini Bundt Cakes At The Sycamore Kitchen
The Sycamore Kitchen has no shortage of amazing sweets, including muffins, strudels, scones, cakes, cookies, and more. But, we've got to hand it to the mini bundt cakes for truly blowing our minds.

The Sycamore Kitchen, 143 South La Brea Avenue (near West 2nd Street); 323-939-0151.
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Photo: Courtesy of Coco Bakes.
Chocolate Cake With Toasted Coconut At Coco Bakes
For those looking for out-of-this-world, dairy- and gluten-free treats, Coco Bakes is the answer to your prayers. And, her personal-sized chocolate cake is the perfect introduction to her not-too-sweet, delicious cakes and cookies.

Coco Bakes, click here for locations
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Photo: Courtesy of The Must.
Fluffernutter At The Must
The Must's fluffernutter comes complete with peanut butter, marshmallow, and sliced bananas in between slices of grilled brioche, with a side of warm, dark chocolate ganache. All we can say is: Yum!

The Must, 117 Winston Street (at South Main Street); 213-628-2000.
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Photo: Courtesy of The Ivy.
Key Lime Pie At The Ivy
If you've lived in L.A. for more than a year, you've definitely been instructed to go to The Ivy and order the key lime pie. It's one of L.A.'s most legendary desserts, but, unlike some others that we won't name, this one is just as good as they say it is.

The Ivy, 113 North Robertson Boulevard (at Alden Drive); 310-274-8303.
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Photo: Courtesy of SLS.
White Chocolate Truffles At The Bazaar
Look no further than The Bazaar for yummy, melt-in-your-mouth chocolates — the perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries, and pretty much anything else under the sun.

The Bazaar, 465 South La Cienega Boulevard (near Colgate Avenue); 310-246-5555.
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Photo: Courtesy of Stella Barra.
Gingersnap Cookies At Stella Barra Pizzeria
We can't decide what we like more: Stella Barra's pizza or its delicious desserts, like these gingersnap cookies. Luckily, we don't have to choose.

Stella Barra Pizzeria, 6372 Sunset Boulevard (at Ivar Avenue); 323-301-4001.
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Photo: Courtesy of Maya Brigadeiro.
Brigadeiros At Maya Brigadeiro Brazilian Sweets
Owner and chef Maya Zellman has the best brigadeiros in town. The Brazilian treat is handmade using just a few simple ingredients — cocoa powder, unsalted butter, and condensed milk — all rolled in a variety of delicious toppings for truly out-of-this-world results.

Maya Brigadeiro Brazilian Sweets, available for online delivery and local catering
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