The Best Dancewear, From Leggings To Leotards 

Dance means something different to everyone. You might dig ballet. Or you could love hip hop. Maybe you just enjoy mimicking the moves you see on TikTok. Or maybe you're a little shy about dancing. After all, it's an art form that can make many of us feel a little vulnerable. Even silly.
"Let go of the fear of feeling judged, and this includes self-judgement," Jonathan Lee, a beginner hip-hop instructor at the Ailey Extension and a former backup dancer for Madonna and Britney Spears, previously told Refinery29. "Other people's opinions of your dancing are just that — their opinion and none of your business."
But whatever your relationship to tripping the light fantastic may be, you'll need the right outfit to do it. You don't want clothes that could trip you, or ones that are too tight, digging into your skin and killing the vibe. Here are some of our favorite dance styles, from leotards to tights.
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