5 Credit Cards With Rewards You'll Actually Use

Photographed by Rachel Cabitt.
It's weird how credit card info is often doled out like treasure hunt clues.
Many recommendations will tease the big, important goal you're seeking (a strong credit score), but omit useful tips about how to use plastic responsibly, or what to use it for, or when you'll even need credit — not mention, some of the perks that comes with having a credit card.
Creating a strong credit history over time will, ideally, help you further big goals like getting a car or a mortgage. But maximizing a credit card isn't only about sharpening your credit score; it's about reaping everyday rewards with every swipe. So, if you sign up for a credit card, make sure you get something back in return on a regular basis.
Unsure where to start? Think about the things you spend your money on most. Maybe that's groceries and gas, or frequent travel around the States and abroad. Aside from just getting random "stuff" with a credit card, you want the stuff you'll actually use. Here are five credit cards with sweet rewards.

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