The Best Coffee-Table Books Of Winter 2014

The beauty of a coffee-table book is its ability to be many things at once: a piece of art, a statement accessory, a posh paperweight, countless hours' worth of (very heavy) reading material, even a chic drink coaster. Whatever the function, a well-chosen selection makes a worthwhile addition to your living space. And, much like your favorite artwork, a treasured coffee-table tome is timeless; you'll have it for years to revisit whenever you want. Plus, there's something to love about a tactile, stunning image on high-quality paper — something not scrollable. Whether you're interested in travel, music, fashion, food, or photography, there's a title (or 200) for everyone. Click through for 12 fall and winter releases we can't wait to get our hands on. Did we mention they'd make great gifts, too?